Secret lagoon in Iceland
Secret lagoon in Iceland

Secret lagoon in Iceland

There are numerous hidden gems and landmarks in Iceland that many tourists are unaware of. The hidden hot spring Secret Lagoon is one such location (sometimes called Secret hot springs).

This is an alternative to the Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon with paid entrance fee (far cheaper than the previous ones), and it is located in the heart of the Golden Circle (check what to see there), near the famous Strokkur Geyser and possibly Iceland’s most famous waterfall, Gullfoss.

In this article, I will try to answer all the questions  (with pictures and photos) and write my review of these hot springs, which I have visited many times.

What is the Secret lagoon in Iceland?


Secret lagoon (in Icelandic “Gamla laugin”) is one of Iceland’s oldest pools (man-made in 1891) and the pool itself looks just like that.

Unlike Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon, these hot springs are in a natural setting, with real little geysers and a geothermal region nearby.

This lagoon is located in Flúdir, a small town in the south of Iceland known for its greenhouses and also the source of mushrooms (grown in these greenhouses) in Icelandic supermarkets such as Bonus.

Secret Lagoon only features one huge pool with a single temperature. There is no sauna or hot tub, like there is at the neighboring Laugarvatn Fountain. It is a basic, yet attractive lagoon that is appealing both during the day and at night.

Which one is better? Secret lagoon or Laugarvatn Fontana? Check out this comparison

The pool as a whole is not overly large. My guess is that approximately 100 people can fit here.

Swimming in the pool may be uncomfortable and overcrowded for many people.

I’ve always been fortunate for me to visit the Secret Lagoon when there were only around 40-50 other tourists, in which case you have enough of space to enjoy your own peace.

Every time I go through south of Iceland, I stop at these hot springs. It’s not far from the main ring road; just turn after 10 mins driving from Selfoss and you’ll be there in 40 minutes.

Prices at Secret Lagoon are among the lowest in Iceland for paid hot springs, and you may hire not only a towel but also a swimsuit if you do not intend to swim in the lagoon.

Even if they don’t have a swim-up bar like Sky Lagoon or Forest Lagoon, you can always go from the pool to the reception (approximately 10 meters) and buy a drink there.

The only disadvantage is that you must constantly have money or a credit card with you because there are no chips  on keys to count your drinks, as in modern lagoons.

My Secret Lagoon visit and review


My most recent visit to this hidden lagoon in Iceland was sometime around April 2022.

It was part of our excursion around the Golden Circle, which began in the morning at the Hotel Laekur in Hella and ended in Flúdir, at the Secret Lagoon, immediately after the Aegissidufoss waterfall.

We arrived around 2 p.m. and found only one bus and a few jeep travel businesses in the parking area – we were fortunate that the large buses from the Golden Circle trips had not yet arrived.

We went to the showers after paying the entrance fee (we had no reservation) and got our drinks at the reception desk.

I must caution you if this is your first shower in an Icelandic pool or lagoon:

Showering naked, without clothes, in common showers (of course split into men’s and women’s sections) is mandatory in Iceland.

In the first part of the changing room you keep your shoes and then you continue to the department with lockers and showers, the left part is for men, on the right are women.

Here you can choose one of the free lockers where you can put your clothes and valuables. Each box has a key on an elastic band, which you can put as a bracelet on your hand. Then you continue with your swimsuit to the showers, of which there are about 5 – 7 in the men’s section in the Secret Lagoon.

After showering, just go outside and in a few steps you will reach the stairs to the pool itself.

We went to the rear part of the lagoon, which is not so deep and the water temperature is a bit lower there (I guess around 36 degrees celsius).

But thanks to the steam you have more privacy, you are not in the middle of the crowd and you can also observe the geothermal activity of Iceland with your own eyes.

We stayed in the Secret Lagoon for about 2.5 hours, then we started to get hungry and enjoyed enough relaxation so we could go on and try the local tomato soup in Fridheimar (if you are really hungry, then I would rather recommend the nearby restaurant Mika in Reykholt or the Efstidalur farm restaurant with great burgers).

Admission for two and two drinks cost us only ISK 6,900 in the Secret Lagoon (one admission for 3,000 ISK and one drink for 450 ISK).

It is not possible to buy a single ticket in the Sky Lagoon for this, so if you are looking for the cheapest hot springs, the Secret Lagoon is a good choice.

Is Secret Lagoon Worth It?

Compared to the Blue Lagoon, Sky Lagoon or Laugarvatn Fontana, the Secret Lagoon is probably the best in terms of price.

  • The pros that this lagoon offers are that it is located in an ideal location, especially for those who want to relax after a trip in the Golden Circle and end the day with a swim.
  • Excessive simplicity can be a disadvantage. There is only one swimming pool, the bar / reception only has a selection of smaller dishes, which are more suitable as snacks, and if you visit the Secret Lagoon just in time for all travel agency buses to arrive, it may be overcrowded.

Want to know more? Check the Jenna´s blog about her experience in Secret lagoon

Secret lagoon tickets and price

Admission prices at Secret Lagoon are a real positive.

Admission for adults costs ISK 3,000 / person, children under 14 have free admission and seniors (over 67) pay only ISK 2,200 for admission to the Secret Lagoon.

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For locals who visit the Secret Lagoon more often, several times a year, it is possible to purchase a multipass for ISK 24,000, which will give you 10 entries to these hidden hot springs.

Booking in Secret Lagoon – is it necessary?

If you are going to Secret Lagoon in high season, in the summer months (June to September) I would recommend you to make a reservation for lagoon in advance.

Sometimes there can be a problem with the lack of free space, especially in the afternoon and evening, when all tourists end their trip around the Golden Circle and end it in the Secret Lagoon.

You can book tickets in advance directly on the official website or at

How to get to the Secret Lagoon – location and map


Get directions to Secret lagoon on Google maps

The location of this lagoon is really a bit hidden, but with navigation (and often without it) you will easily find the Secret Lagoon.

  1. First you have to get to the town of Flúdir and then just continue along the main road that crosses Flúdir.
  2. Between the area with greenhouses (you will see them if you are coming from Reykholt and the Golden Circle) and the gas station (to the other town) is a small valley where you will find a turn to the greenhouses.
  3. Here you just continue for about a minute or two along the asphalt road and then you will see on the right side of the parking lot and the entrance to the Secret Lagoon.

Parking at the Secret Lagoon


The local car park is large enough because there are a number of large buses stopping here every day, so you don’t have to worry about not coming in here.

If you arrive at the Secret Lagoon and you really won’t be able to find a place to park, I recommend you to skip the Secret Lagoon in this situation and try, for example, the Fontana wellness centre in Laugarvatn, which is nearby, or the local swimming pool in Fludir.

Address and contacts:

64.13793248309422, -20.309308084656003

  • Address: Hvammsvegur, 845 Flúðir
  • Tourist information phone: + 354 853 30 33
  • Telephone to the reception: +354 555 33 51
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Secret Lagoon Iceland
  • Instagram: @secretlagoon

Secret lagoon: Opening hours

The hot springs of Secret Lagoon in Flúdir are open every day, all year round. You can visit them every day, from 10 am to 8 pm.

  • Monday: 10:00–20:00
  • Tuesday: 10:00–20:00
  • Wednesday: 10:00–20:00
  • Thursday: 10:00–20:00
  • Friday: 10:00–20:00
  • Saturday: 10:00–20:00
  • Sunday: 10:00–20:00

Facilites at Secret Lagoon

Secret lagoon offers a very simple facilities. There is one main building where you will find a reception, a seating area with several tables, changing rooms and showers.

Changing facilities


Changing clothes in the Secret Lagoon is in simple spaces with lots of lockers, several benches and one mirror.



Lockers at Secret lagoon are old-fashioned, with a key, not a chip, like in Sky lagoon or Forest lagoon.

You take the key with you to the pool as a bracelet.

Changing rooms are shared here and you can’t pay extra for a private changing room or private shower.

Showers in Secret lagoon

As we mentioned in the introduction to the article, showering in Iceland in all lagoons and pools is without clothes, you must always be naked.


Of course, this may not suit everyone, in which case Secret Lagoon is probably not the right choice for you.

The showers are in the same room as the changing room, but they are separated by a wall and a row, so you can’t see the visitors changing and they on you.

There are 5-10 showers in the men’s department, it should be similar in the women’s department.

Secret lagoon in winter


Are you going to Iceland in the winter and wondering if it’s a good idea to visit the Secret Lagoon at this time?

Definitely yes.

Winter in Iceland does not prevent you from enjoying the geothermally heated pool, and unless there is a strong storm, you may enjoy the Secret Lagoon perhaps even more than in the summer.

The only change from visiting in the summer is that you have to be a little more careful on the way from Fludir to the Secret Lagoon, it is possible that the road will be icy.

Also, be more careful when entering the pool directly in the lagoon, it is a few steps, but even so, the ice could surprise you.

Food in Secret Lagoon

I don’t think I’m the only one who gets hungry after swimming in a pool or lagoon in Iceland. Unfortunately, the nearest place where you could buy something warm, the stall with Fish and chips is closed.

In and around Fludir you have several options to eat.

The nearest 4 places to eat near Secret lagoon are:

If you have enough time and would like to choose the best place to eat around the Secret Lagoon, then you can drive to nearby Reykholt (about 10-15 minutes by car) and try the famous tomato soup in the Fridheimar greenhouse.


If you prefer a more traditional restaurant, then I can recommend the restaurant Mika in Reykholt or the farm Efstidalur, where you can taste burgers or local ice cream.

Alternatives to Secret Lagoon

The natural spa in Secret Lagoon may not be an ideal option for everyone, so I have prepared several alternatives for you, whether you are looking for good hot springs in the Golden Circle or all over Iceland.

Fontana baths in Laugarvatn

Laugarvatn Fontana

Directly in the Golden Circle and near Secret lagoon you will find a suitable alternative in the town of Laugarvatn.

Here is the Fontana Spa, which, unlike the Secret Lagoon, has several pools, hot tubs, a sauna and you can cool off in the lake, which is next to the hot springs.

Sky lagoon


Sky Lagoon is a more expensive but also better quality alternative, which you will find in Reykjavik.

At Sky Lagoon you can enjoy a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the ocean and experience a seven-step ritual that includes saunas, a cool pond, massages and, of course, a wonderful atmosphere.

Forest lagoon


Forest lagoon is one of the newest paid hot springs. They were opened in May 2022 and quickly became very popular, thanks to their unique location and modern workmanship.

However, you will find this lagoon hundreds of kilometers from the Secret Lagoon, in the north, so if you are looking for an alternative only in the Golden Circle, it is not an ideal choice.

Tour to Secret lagoon from Reykjavik


There are several travel agencies that can arrange a trip to the Secret Lagoon from Reykjavik. These trips are most often associated with a tour along the Golden Circle, where you can visit the most famous places you just have to see (national park, geyser, Gullfoss waterfall).

I recommend this tour from The trip has over 1000 reviews and the best ratings, the price is one of the cheapest and the company that runs this trip is verified.

The tour starts in Reykjavik, where you can choose to be picked up from your hotel, then directly to the Secret Lagoon (to avoid tourists arriving in the afternoon), where you will spend about 1.5 hours (ideal time for the Secret Lagoon) and then set out to explore Golden circle.

If you´re interested, check the review on


How deep is the Secret Lagoon?

The water in the Secret Lagoon is 40 cm to 1 meter deep, depending on which part of the lagoon you are in. The largest part of the lagoon is about shoulder-length.

For comparison, for those who have ever been to the Sky Lagoon or the Fontana in Laugarvatn, the water depth in the Secret Lagoon is higher (except for the hot tubs in the Fontana).

How much time do you stay in the Secret Lagoon? (time limit)

There is an unlimited time limit in Secret Lagoon, if you want, you can stay here for the entire opening hours. Most often, they spend between 1.5 and 2.5 hours in these hot springs.

Because there is only one pool in the Secret Lagoon, there are actually no other activities, except perhaps a walk around the lagoon, where you can observe small geysers and bubbling water.

Is the Secret lagoon part of the Golden circle

Yes, the Secret Lagoon is part of the Golden Circle. It is 29 km south of Strokkur Geyser and 32 km from Gullfoss waterfall.

A bath in the Secret Lagoon is an ideal activity to end your trip around the Golden Circle (if you are starting in Reykjavik) or, conversely, ideal to start the day if you are coming from the east of Iceland.

What to bring to Secret lagoon

You don’t have to bring almost anything to the Secret Lagoon, just a swimsuit and a towel (but you can borrow both at the reception). If you travel around Iceland in the summer, sunglasses and flip flops may be useful.

For those who want to take a mobile phone with them and shoot videos or take photos, I will only remind you of the waterproof cover for the mobile phone,

What to bring to Secret Lagoon:

  • bathing suit
  • towel
  • water bottle

Recommended things (but not necessary):

  • sunglasses
  • waterproof mobile phone case
  • flip flops

Which city is Secret lagoon in

You will find the Secret Lagoon in the small Icelandic town of Flúdir, which you have probably never heard of before. It has about 820 inhabitants and the town is known mainly for the many greenhouses that you will find in the area.

Directly in the city you will find a gas station (just a few kilometers from the Secret Lagoon) where you can buy snacks and basic groceries, Vinbudín liqour store, 3 restaurants (Farmers bistro, Grund restaurant and Ethiopian restaurant Minilink).

You can stay here, for example, in Icelandair hotel Flúdir right in the city center. In addition to the Secret Lagoon in Flúdir, you can also take a dip in the local swimming pool or in the nearby natural hidden spring Hrunalaug hot pot.

Recent reviews of Secret lagoon from Tripadvisor and Reddit


“nice pool style hot springs. when we visited it was full of out-of-towners and no locals that we could tell. Large pool area, nice and warm. large clean changing and shower areas. small bar/snack area. nice steps to get in and out of the pool and a sitting ledge around the edge of the pool in the water. Line to get in wasn’t long and moved quickly.”


“We spent about 90 minutes in the hot springs. Its one natural pool with a gravel like floor. some portions are hotter based on the water flowing in from a few spots. Everyone seems to grab the noodles as they go into the hot springs to help float around. once we figured that out it was more enjoyable because you didn’t need to touch the floor. It seemed clean, but it was a little dull. Too many people to feel truly natural, and more like being in a large warm hot tub with a lot of strangers. I would not go back but the experience was fine. We also walked around the path to see the hot springs. the walk took about 5 minutes and then we went back in the hot springs to warm up again”


“Went to the secret lagoon at night and it was only me and a handful of other people. It was super relaxing and I enjoyed the quiet, at one point I was so relaxed the security thought I fell asleep, don’t think you would get a chance to do that at the blue lagoon”


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