Best restaurants in Reykholt, Iceland
Best restaurants in Reykholt, Iceland

Best restaurants in Reykholt, Iceland

Reykholt is a town which you´ll probably visit, why travelling through the Golden circle. This place is often unnoticed by those rushing to complete the Iceland ring road.

Reykholt boasts a lively community with numerous greenhouses cultivating fruits and vegetables, including the large tomato producer in the region.

Thanks to its location, it´s in the middle of the all Golden circle spots – geysir, waterfall Gullfoss or Fáxi, Secret lagoon or volcanic crater Kerid with lake in the middle.

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Where to eat in Reykholt, Iceland

Don’t miss the opportunity to savor authentic Icelandic produce in this delightful village. Ready to dive into Reykholt´s culinary offerings? Explore our top restaurant recommendations for Reykholt, a hidden gem in South Iceland.

Must visit: Friðheimar greenhouse restaurant

Fridheimar greenhouse restaurant
Fridheimar greenhouse restaurant

If you did some research before exploring Golden circle, you must see many photos and recommendations of restaurant inside the greenhouse, with great tomato soup.

There is only one place in Iceland like that and that´s a Fridheimar restaurant. This place has amazing atmosphere, eventhough it´s usually crowdy and you can´t eat there without booking ahead. If it happens to you, there is always a possibility of grabbing just a soup and use some of the small stands or tables in the greenhouse.

The menu is predominantly vegetarian, showcasing the exceptional taste of their tomatoes. Enjoy lunch in the greenhouse with specialties like tomato soup and unlimited bread. Admire Icelandic horses on the property, adding to the charm. Despite the crowds, the ambiance is interesting. The overall atmosphere, infused with the aroma of tomatoes, makes dining at Fridheimar an incredible and memorable experience.

Top choice: Restaurant Mika

Mika restaurant photos

Mika Restaurant caught our eye as the only dining option in town during our drive through. With moderate expectations, we decided to give it a shot and were pleasantly surprised by the diverse menu, food quality, and reasonable prices.

It was only after leaving that we discovered Mika is highly recommended for those exploring the Golden Circle. Unlike Fridheimar Tomato Farm, Mika offers extended opening hours, making it a suitable choice even for a late dinner.

Local experience: Efstidalur farm restaurant

Efstidalur restaurant and ice cream

Efstidalur is a cozy family-run cattle farm in South Iceland that seamlessly blends farming, hospitality, and delicious food.

The farm includes a small hotel, a restaurant where you can even see the cows, and a charming café with an ice cream barn.

The restaurant at the farm is a culinary highlight, offering tasty dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. You can’t miss their homemade ice cream and creamy milkshakes. The Ice Cream Barn is famous for its on-site prepared ice cream using milk from the farm’s dairy. It’s a popular spot to enjoy delightful treats while taking in the scenic surroundings.

Best restaurants near Reykholt

For all those, who want to check other restaurants in the area near Reykholt, we prepared some best tips for you. You might need to drive a bit, to get from Reykholt to these restaurants and places, but each of the mentioned restaurants have some interesting sightseeing spots nearby, so you can use the trip to restaurant to see more of Golden circe.

Lindin Laugarvatn

Lindin restaurant in Laugarvatn

Lindin Restaurant in Laugarvatn is a true hidden gem with an authentic Icelandic menu. Despite arriving close to closing time, we were welcomed with friendly service and a limited menu that turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

The reindeer burger and fish soup were standout dishes, ranking among the best we’ve had in Iceland. The cozy ambiance, classic yet modern decor, and warm reception made for a great dining experience.

The fish duo and flavorful risotto showcased the chef’s skill, while the skyr dessert was a heavenly treat. The professional and polite staff added to the overall positive impression of Lindin, making it a must-visit spot for delicious Icelandic cuisine.

Geysir Glima restaurant

Bistro Geysir Glíma

Geysir Glíma Bistro, located near the main entrance, offers a panoramic view of mountains, making it an ideal spot to unwind after exploring geysers. With a diverse menu, they serve a hearty combination of meats and veggies, customizable upon request.

The reasonably priced dishes, such as their delightful soup and a mixed platter for around 26 euros, provide a satisfying meal. The self-service setup ensures quick service even during busy weekends.

The restaurant is a convenient stop for bus tours, featuring buffet-style dining where visitors can select their preferences. Despite the occasional bustling atmosphere due to souvenir shopping, Geysir Glíma Bistro is a reliable choice for a delicious and efficient dining experience.

Restaurant Minilik

Etiopian restaurant Minilink, Flúdir
Etiopian restaurant Minilink, Flúdir

Uncover the unexpected delight of Ethiopian cuisine in Flúðir at Minilik. This local gem, named after the mythical Minilik, brings together the flavors of Iceland and Ethiopia, curated by an Icelandic-Ethiopian family. Nestled in an unassuming cabin, Minilik surprises locals and visitors alike with reasonably priced dishes and an extensive array of vegetarian options.

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