TOP 14 things to do in Vík í Mýrdal
TOP 14 things to do in Vík í Mýrdal

TOP 14 things to do in Vík í Mýrdal

Whether you’re an adventurous traveler looking to explore the great outdoors or a culture seeker hoping to learn more about Iceland’s fascinating heritage, Vík í Mýrdal has plenty to offer. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best things to do in Vík í Mýrdal, so you can make the most of your trip to this stunning Icelandic town.

Nestled on the southern coast of Iceland, the charming town of Vík í Mýrdal is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Iceland. Known for its dramatic landscapes, rich history, and unique attractions, Vík í Mýrdal has something to offer visitors of all ages and interests.

Best things to do in Vík

A complete list of all the more or less adventurous things to do – tours, hiking, exploring beaches and waterfalls and other attractions. Find out what to do during your road trip along South Iceland.

One of the attractions in Vík í Mýrdal – local church

Best tours from Vík

Vík is a picturesque village situated on the southern coast of Iceland, surrounded by some of the country’s most spectacular natural wonders. From towering waterfalls to black sand beaches and glacier-capped peaks, the area around Vík í Mýrdal offers an abundance of sights and experiences to explore.

Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a more leisurely sightseeing experience, there’s something for everyone.

One of the best ways to discover these natural wonders is by taking a tour.

Explore the Katla cave


The journey commences from Vík, where you hop onto a Super Jeep. Due to the constantly changing nature of glaciers and the yearly alteration of ice cave locations, a knowledgeable guide is necessary to access these spots. The main destination is the ice cave located in the Kötlujökull Glacier, which is a branch of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. The formidable Katla volcano rests beneath the glacier.

Lava show


The Lava Show in Vík is a unique attraction that allows visitors to witness a simulation of a volcanic eruption using real lava.

During the show, visitors can see molten lava being poured into a specially designed chamber, which then creates an impressive display of sparks and steam as the lava reacts with the surrounding water.

The experience also includes a guided tour of the exhibit area, where visitors can learn about the geology and volcanic history of Iceland.

Snowmobiling on glacier


Enjoy the snowmobiling on Mýrdalsjökull glacier and explore the real Iceland with professional tour guides. Eventhought the meeting point is not in the Vík itself, the drive there is not far away. You will be provided with all necessary gear, so you need just a driver license with you, to enjoy the ride on glacier.

ATV tour on quad bikes on a beach near DC3 plane wreck


The ATV tour on quad bikes takes place on the black sand beach near the wreck of the DC3 plane in Iceland. The adventure involves riding through the vast stretches of the beach on quad bikes, which is an exciting way to explore the area.

The tour is accompanied by a guide who ensures the safety of the riders and provides information about the beach and the history of the plane wreck. The tour offers breathtaking views of the Icelandic landscape and is a thrilling experience for those seeking an off-road adventure.

Hike across the ice of the Sólheimajökull Glacier

Hiking across the ice of the Sólheimajökull Glacier is an exhilarating experience in Iceland. The glacier is a part of the larger Mýrdalsjökull Glacier and is situated on the South Coast.

The hiking tour involves a walk across the glacier with the help of crampons, ice axes, and other necessary equipment, all of which are provided by the tour operator. Use this unique opportunity to witness the natural beauty of Iceland and is suitable for anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures.

Zip lining

The zipline in Vík is operated by a local adventure company and offers riders an exhilarating experience as they soar high above the ground. The zipline is suitable for both adults and children and is a great way to experience the stunning scenery of Iceland in a unique and exciting way.



Paragliding is a secure and peaceful form of free-flying, where you will fly with a trained instructor pilot in a tandem flight. After safety checks and wing inflation, you will take a few strides down a slope and launch into the air.

The duration of the tandem paragliding flight depends on weather conditions and wind, and it may not be possible to guarantee a specific flight time.

You can expect to fly for about 10-15 minutes, but the flight time may vary based on weather conditions. Safety is the priority, and flights will only occur when conditions are suitable. If weather conditions are less than ideal, you can wait for them to improve, or try again another day.

6 Free things to in Vík

Enjoy the best Black beach in Iceland


The beach is named after its distinctive black sand, which is formed from volcanic ash and lava fragments. The beach is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and rock formations, including the iconic Reynisdrangar sea stacks, which rise up from the water just offshore.

You can take in breathtaking views of the rugged landscape, and may even spot seabirds and other wildlife. However, it’s important to note that the beach can be dangerous due to strong waves and currents, so visitors should take caution and adhere to all posted warnings and guidelines.

Watch Puffins on Dyrhólaey


Visitors to Dyrhólaey can hike up to the top of the promontory, where they can take in panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and coastline, as well as spot a variety of seabirds, including puffins.

However, it’s important to remember that puffins are wild animals, and visitors should maintain a safe distance and avoid disturbing them in their natural habitat. It’s also a good idea to bring binoculars or a camera with a telephoto lens to get a closer look without getting too close to the birds.

Visit Yoda cave


While the Yoda cave may not appear very impressive from the outside, its interior is what truly captures the likeness of the Jedi Master Yoda. Therefore, it is important not to be discouraged by its exterior appearance upon first sighting.

As you enter the cave, you will notice its significant depth and the large echo it produces when spoken in. Additionally, the cave tends to be a bit damp with water droplets falling from the ceiling. A sizable stone is situated at the entrance, which visitors can stand on to capture a photo of themselves inside the Yoda-shaped cave.

Take a trip to Þakgil canyon


Þakgil canyon is a hidden gem located in the south of Iceland, and it offers visitors a unique and breathtaking experience. Here’s what you can expect from a visit to Þakgil canyon:

  1. Beautiful Scenery: The canyon is surrounded by stunning mountains and cliffs, and it’s filled with lush greenery, making it a paradise for nature lovers and hikers.
  2. Adventure: Þakgil canyon offers exciting adventures such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing. Visitors can explore the canyon’s various hiking trails, climb its rock walls, and even camp overnight in the area.
  3. Seclusion: The canyon is secluded, and there are very few people around, which makes it a perfect destination for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Explore the wreck of DC 3 plane on Sólheimasandur

Sólheimasandur plane wreck, Iceland

Whether or not it’s worth visiting the wreck of the DC-3 plane in Iceland is subjective and depends on personal interests. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if it’s worth a visit:

  1. Unique Experience: The wreckage is located in a remote area and provides a unique opportunity to explore an abandoned airplane, which can be a thrilling and unusual experience.
  2. Scenic Views: The location of the wreckage offers some stunning scenery of the surrounding mountains and glaciers, making it a great spot for photography.
  3. Difficulty of Access: The wreck is located in a remote area and requires a hike of several kilometers to reach it. This can be challenging for some visitors, especially those who are not used to hiking.
  4. Safety Concerns: The hike to the wreckage involves crossing several glacial rivers, which can be dangerous due to the strong currents and cold water. Visitors need to take precautions and make sure they are properly equipped to handle the hike.

Swimming pool in Vík


Just like in most towns in Iceland, Vík í Mýrdal also has a local swimming pool. This provides visitors with the perfect opportunity to unwind after a long day of travelling or to enjoy a day out during bad weather, which is more common in Iceland than you might anticipate.

Best restaurants in Vík í Mýrdal

Vík í Mýrdal is a small town, but it has several excellent dining options that are sure to satisfy any foodie’s cravings.

Here are some of the best places to eat in Vík í Mýrdal:

Strondin bistro and bar


This cozy bistro serves up a variety of Icelandic and international dishes, including seafood, burgers, and pasta. Strondin is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a great spot for a relaxing meal.

Smiðjan Brugghús


The brewery was founded in 2017 and has since become a popular destination for beer lovers and foodies alike. Smiðjan Brugghús offers a variety of unique, handcrafted beers, including IPAs, stouts, and lagers, all brewed on site. The brewery also has a full-service restaurant that serves up delicious meals made with locally sourced ingredients.

The Soup company

These amazing soups are exactly what you need after whole day of walking on glaciers! This small restaurant in the same building as the Icelandic lava show offers a changing range of hearty, hot soups, one of which is served in a bread bowl. It’s a simple restaurant with simple meals, but it works perfectly for the climate.


Sudur Vik


This restaurant is located in the Icelandair Hotel Vík, and offers a fine dining experience with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The menu features Icelandic dishes with a modern twist, and the restaurant’s stylish decor and stunning views of the surrounding landscape make it a memorable dining experience.



This family-owned restaurant serves up delicious homemade meals, including traditional Icelandic dishes such as lamb stew and fish soup. The restaurant is housed in a charming wooden building and features a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a casual meal.

Skool Beans


Skool Beans is dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience to its patrons. Specializing in authentic coffee, tea, and signature hot chocolates, Skool Beans prides itself on crafting beverages that are truly one-of-a-kind. In addition to their beverages, the café also offers a selection of simple, sweet, and savory snacks, as well as locally-made crafts for visitors to peruse.

Shopping in Vík í Mýrdal

Vík í Mýrdal may be a small town, but it offers a variety of shopping options for visitors.


Here are some of the best places to shop in Vík í Mýrdal:


This family-owned business specializes in woolen products and offers a wide selection of high-quality Icelandic wool sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, and blankets. All of their products are handmade in Iceland and are perfect for keeping warm during Iceland’s chilly winters.


Located in the same building as Víkurprjón, Icewear is a popular clothing store that specializes in outdoor clothing and accessories. They offer a wide selection of jackets, pants, hats, gloves, and other gear that is perfect for exploring Iceland’s rugged terrain.

Kronan grocery store

The store offers a wide selection of food and household items, including fresh produce, dairy products, meat, bakery items, canned and packaged goods, and more. Kronan is a popular choice for both locals and tourists looking to stock up on supplies for their stay in Vík, and it’s a convenient option for those looking to prepare their own meals while on the road in Iceland.

Vínbudin alcohol store

The only place (except bars and restaurant) where you can buy alcohol is a special icelandic liquor shop called Vinbudín. You can find one in the centre of Vík, where you can buy many type of beers, wine or strong alcohol. Just be aware of short opening hours and don´t remember, that on Sunday are all Vínbudin stores closed.

Overall, Vík í Mýrdal has plenty of shopping options to explore, whether you’re looking for high-quality wool products, souvenirs, outdoor gear, or handmade crafts.

Best hotels in Vík

A complete list of hotels, guesthouses, and cottages in Vík í Mýrdal. Find out where to stay in this town.

Icelandair Hotel Vík


This modern hotel is located in the heart of Vík í Mýrdal and offers comfortable rooms with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. It also features an on-site restaurant, bar, and hot tub.

Black Beach Suites


These luxurious suites offer stunning views of Reynisfjara Beach and are just a short walk from Vík í Mýrdal. Each suite is spacious and well-appointed, with a private balcony, kitchenette, and comfortable seating area.

Guesthouse Carina


This cozy guesthouse is located just a few minutes’ drive from Vík í Mýrdal and offers comfortable rooms with shared bathrooms. It also features a communal kitchen and living area, as well as a hot tub and sauna.

Hotel Katla by Keahotels


This hotel is located about 20 minutes’ drive from Vík í Mýrdal, in the town of Kirkjubæjarklaustur. It offers comfortable rooms, an on-site restaurant, and a sauna.

Hotel Kría


The hotel features sleek and contemporary design, with comfortable rooms and suites offering stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. It also offers an on-site restaurant serving delicious Icelandic cuisine, as well as a bar and lounge area for relaxing after a day of exploring. With its convenient location and welcoming atmosphere, Hotel Kría is a great choice for travelers looking to experience the beauty of Iceland’s southern coast.

The Barn hostel


The hostel offers comfortable dormitory and private rooms with shared bathroom facilities, as well as a communal kitchen, lounge area, and outdoor terrace with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. With its friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere, The Barn hostel in Vík í Mýrdal is a great choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for a unique and comfortable stay on Iceland’s southern coast.

Puffin hotel Vík


Guests can enjoy a daily breakfast buffet, as well as a variety of snacks and drinks available at the on-site café. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, convenient location, and friendly staff, Puffin Hotel Vík í Mýrdal is a great choice for travelers looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation on Iceland’s southern coast.

Can´t find an acommodation in Vík í Mýrdal? Check this list of hotels and guesthouses near this lovely town and see, what kind of possibilities do you have:

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