Ægissíðufoss waterfall
Ægissíðufoss waterfall

Ægissíðufoss waterfall

Situated in the picturesque town of Hella, this waterfall is a testament to the natural wonders that abound in Iceland. Ægissíðufoss waterfall is a symphony of nature’s elements, drawing its waters from the surrounding landscapes. As it descends, the waterfall creates a mesmerizing dance of liquid threads, delicately weaving through rocks and moss-covered crevices.

What sets Ægissíðufoss apart is its intimate setting. Unlike some of Iceland’s grand waterfalls, Ægissíðufoss invites visitors to experience its beauty up close. The falls are framed by lush greenery, creating a tranquil oasis that feels like a well-kept secret.

Description of waterfall Ægisíðufoss

Ægissíðufoss waterfall

To reach Ægissíðufoss, you’ll embark on a journey through Hella’s scenic landscapes. As you approach, the sound of falling water becomes an audible prelude, building anticipation for the visual spectacle that awaits. The sight of Ægissíðufoss, with its graceful descent and the play of sunlight on the water, is a moment of serenity amidst the rugged Icelandic terrain.

While the waterfall itself is a captivating sight, the surrounding area offers additional delights. Hiking trails beckon those eager to explore the natural beauty of Hella, and Ægissíðufoss becomes a focal point in this harmonious landscape.

Ægissíðufoss waterfall hike

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography aficionado, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Ægissíðufoss promises an experience that transcends its modest dimensions. It’s a reminder that in Iceland, beauty is not solely measured by size, but by the poetic dance of water, the embrace of nature, and the sense of wonder that lingers long after you’ve witnessed this hidden waterfall in Hella.

How to get to Ægisíðufoss?

There are two ways, how you can get to Ægisíðufoss waterfall. The easy way is from road 25. If you drive from Selfoss (west direction), you have to turn right before town Hella to road 25.

Then you continue 2,5 km until you will get to the sign with the mark and name of waterfall. Then you turn left on a gravel road and continue few hundred meters to parking lot, which is next to the waterfall.

In case, you want to see waterfall from second side (recommended), you have to drive to Hella and then take a turn left (if you are driving on road 1 from west), just after hotel Stracta. Then you continue in the end of the road and then turn right and get to a small parking lot with bench.

Aegissidufoss Iceland
Waterfall from second side

Is it a paid attraction?

Parking and sightseeing Ægisíðufoss are not paid, so you can visit it for free.


You will find small parking lots for 5 – 10 cars on both sides of Ægisíðufoss waterfall. This waterfall is not very famous, so there is usually not so many people, so you should always find a place to park your car.


Tom Manor

If you want a quiet and unpopulated waterfall to enjoy this is a great option right off of the main highway.

Zina M.

Beautiful waterfall, not popular at all, so you’ll be able to spend some time there totally alone. There also is a bench near waterside, so you can just seat and enjoy waterfall sounds. Amazing feelings!

Szeyin Lee

Yes not the most popular waterfall in Iceland but we really enjoyed this one – zero tourists and we had the view all to ourselves.


Amazing it’s right next to the parking

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