Best 16 things to do in Flúdir
Best 16 things to do in Flúdir

Best 16 things to do in Flúdir

Are you staying or travelling in Flúdir village in south Iceland and want to know, what are the best things to do there? In this article, I will try to tell you about all natural wonders, places to visit or unique restaurants where you can eat in this area.

Let’s dive into the charm of Flúðir, Iceland—a hidden gem in the Golden Circle with more to offer than meets the eye. With just 800 locals, this town is known for the Secret Lagoon, Iceland’s oldest geothermal pool, and the famous Geysir Hot Springs Area.

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But there’s way more cool stuff—like Friðheimar, where they grow tomatoes all year and have horse shows in languages you didn’t even know existed. If you’re into golf, Selsvöllur’s got an 18-hole course, and Markavöllur is all about football/soccer golf.

Hungry? Minilik’s an Ethiopian food hotspot run by a local Icelandic-Ethiopian fam. This article’s your guide to the real deal in Flúðir—geothermal wonders, cultural coolness, and outdoor adventures galore.

Is Fludir worth a visit?


Flúðir, a Golden Circle gem just an hour and a half from Reykjavík, promises a unique blend of geothermal wonders, cultural richness, and outdoor adventures.

Whether for a weekend escape or an extended stay, this town is a definite must-visit in Iceland.

Here are compelling reasons to explore this hidden gem:

Secret Lagoon (Gamla Laugin)
Flúðir is home to the Secret Lagoon, one of Iceland’s oldest geothermal pools. Immerse yourself in the soothing, mineral-rich waters surrounded by stunning landscapes, creating an unparalleled geothermal experience.

Geysir Hot Springs Area
Just a short drive away, the Geysir Hot Springs Area is a geothermal wonderland featuring the famous Geysir and Strokkur geysers. Watch Strokkur erupt in a magnificent display of nature’s power, and explore the bubbling hot springs that dot the area.

Greenhouse Culture
Flúðir is known for its innovative greenhouse cultivation. Visit the Friðheimar greenhouse and witness the magic of growing tomatoes and other crops in a geothermal-heated environment. Enjoy a meal amid the greenery, with dishes featuring the locally grown produce.

Horseback Riding
Discover the Icelandic countryside on horseback with local horse riding tours. The serene landscapes surrounding Flúðir provide a picturesque backdrop for an unforgettable equestrian adventure.

Proximity to Golden Circle Attractions
Flúðir serves as an excellent base for exploring the renowned Golden Circle attractions, including Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, and the aforementioned Geysir Hot Springs Area.

Whether you seek relaxation in geothermal waters, adventure in the great outdoors, or a taste of Icelandic culture, Flúðir stands as a multifaceted destination that invites travelers to experience the best of Iceland.

What to do in town

As we already mentioned, the most visited place in Flúdir is definitely hot spring Secret Lagoon.

Relax in oldest icelandic pool – Secret lagoon

Taste a local food from greenhouses

Best tours from Flúdir

There are no nearby tours starting from Flúdir, but you can enjoy true icelandic adventure from nearby towns. The best tour for you doesn´t depend only on your preferences, but also think about weather and year season.

Horse riding in icelandic nature

Visit viking caves

3 day tour on big jeeps into the wild of Iceland

Places to visit nearby

Just an hour drive from this small town, you can get to massive waterfall Gullfoss, see the erupting geysir Strokkur or visit national park Thingvellir, where you can snorkle between in the silfra fissure.

If you want to see one of the most visited places in Iceland, Flúdir is definitely great town to start from.

After all day of travels, you can end up relaxing in on of the 3 very well know hot springs – Secret lagoon just in the town, Fontana baths in nearby village or small natural hot pot Hrunalaug.

Need to buy groceries for your trip? See the local grocery store Krambúdin

Thingvellir national park





Geysir strokkur near Flúdir, Iceland


Temperature in Hrunalaug

Tomato farm Fridheimar

Fridheimar tomato soup

Brúarfoss waterfall

Hjálparfoss, Háifoss and Gjáin

Waterfall Fáxi


Canyon Brúarhlöð

Sólheimar eco-village


Skálholt cathedral


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