22 Oct, 2019

Tips for car rental in Iceland

Iceland is a country where there are no railways and you can not get by bus everywhere (except for larger cities). If you do not intend to hitchhike, then the only way to travel around Iceland by car. Unfortunately, this does not mean that renting a car in Iceland is cheap. On the contrary, when compared […]

21 Oct, 2019

Cheap hostels in Iceland

Hostels in Iceland are among the cheapest ways to travel Iceland right after camping and sleeping in your car. Hostels are also interesting for many travelers in that you can meet other tourists and if you are on your way to Iceland, for example, you can join someone or at least have someone to share […]

21 Oct, 2019

Budget accommodation in South Iceland

Accommodation in Iceland will probably be your most expensive item for the whole holiday on this beautiful island. Iceland is a very popular tourist destination, which Icelanders are aware of and that is the reasons why are prices for accommodation so high. It is almost impossible to find hotel room at around “budget price” 5000 […]

sleep in car iceland
21 Oct, 2019

Sleep in car in Iceland

Prices for accommodation in hostels, hotels or guesthouses are quite expensive in Iceland compared to other countries. That’s why many people try to find ways to travel Iceland on a lower budget and save on it. Perhaps one of the most convenient (but often not the most comfortable) methods is sleeping in a car. In […]

21 Oct, 2019

Iceland on bicycle

One of the most challenging and interesting ways to travel around Iceland is on a bicycle. Although this may sound crazy to some, there are many people who like to enjoy the Icelandic landscape by bike. Many who decide to cycle around Iceland travel the circuit, while more experienced outdoor cyclists enjoy more challenging inland […]

21 Oct, 2019

Shopping in Iceland

Are you going on a trip to Iceland and do you think about where to buy cheap food, souvenirs or alcohol on your trip? Then you can find out what stores are in Iceland and where you can buy cheap groceries or even cheap clothes. Because Iceland is a small country, there is a very […]

21 Oct, 2019

Best geysers in Iceland

Active geysers are a frequent reason to visit Iceland for many tourists. Because this island is full of hot springs and there is frequent volcanic activity (but you will almost never feel it) you will find here the place where the oldest geyser in the world is named, according to which it was named for […]

21 Oct, 2019

Camping in Iceland 2020

Visiting Iceland is definitely a dream of many of us. Whether you want to see the waterfalls, the geyser, or perhaps take a hike to Landmannalaugar. But many tourists do not go to Iceland because of one reason – it is pretty expensive. Especially accommodation in Iceland is much more expensive than most of us […]