Best restaurants in Flúdir, Iceland
Best restaurants in Flúdir, Iceland

Best restaurants in Flúdir, Iceland

Flúðir is situated 30 minutes inland from the ring road, often slips under the radar of those racing to circumnavigate Iceland. Home to 800 residents, this small town sits in the heart of the Golden Circle, flanked by attractions like the Secret lagoon and Laugarvatn Fontana geothermal spa.

Flúðir boasts a vibrant community with an abundance of greenhouses cultivating fruits and vegetables, including the region’s largest mushroom producer.

Don’t miss the chance to savor authentic Icelandic produce in this charming village. Ready to explore Flúdir’s culinary scene? Check out our best restaurants for Flúdir, this hidden gem of South Iceland.

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Where to eat in Flúdir, Iceland

Farmers bistro restaurant

In Flúðir, dining options go beyond the ordinary, reflecting the town’s unique character. Don’t miss the Ethiopian delights at Minilink, adding an unexpected twist to Icelandic dining.

The town’s renowned greenhouses, cultivating fruits and vegetables, contribute to the vibrant food scene. Venture into the world of mushroom-infused meals, a specialty that sets Flúðir apart.

Farmers bistro

Farmers Bistro in Flúdir is a haven for mushroom enthusiasts. The menu, though not extensive, boasts well-prepared and perfectly paired dishes that highlight the expertise with mushrooms.

“The keto burger stands out, but there are other options for variety. The freshness of vegetables and the preparation of bread, salads, and butter on-site add to the culinary experience.”

Located near the Secret Lagoon, the bistro offers a cozy and comfortable atmosphere with friendly staff. While some may find the menu on the smaller side, the overall quality and taste make it a recommendable spot to return to in the area.

Minilink etiopian restaurant

Etiopian restaurant Minilink photos

Minilik, an Ethiopian restaurant, offers a wonderful and unique dining experience run by a couple—the Ethiopian chef and her Icelandic husband who handles the service. While not suitable for those in a hurry, the food is delicious and reasonably priced compared to other options in Iceland.

Visitors are advised to embrace a leisurely pace, and the rich decor adds to the overall experience. Dishes are described as spiced, flavorful, and well-balanced, even extending to delightful desserts like chocolate cake. Although some reviews mention a longer wait for food, it doesn’t overshadow the highly recommended experience of dining at Minilik.

Restaurant Grund

Restaurant Grund in Flúdir offers a decent Icelandic dining experience with a welcoming atmosphere. While the menu is not extensive, featuring some dishes like lamb, the quality-to-price ratio is considered above average.

Some reviews express concerns about the limited menu and average quality, particularly noting less-than-fresh salad. The staff’s reception is described as somewhat cool. The restaurant is characterized as a canteen-style eatery with fair prices for the region, providing a quick, edible, and even tasty dining experience.

Kaffi sel café

Kaffi sel Flúdir photos

Kaffi-sel near Flúdir is a delightful spot for lunch, offering a menu that includes pizza, burgers, and a kids’ menu. While the burgers are particularly praised, some diners noted potential inconsistencies in burger doneness.

The pizzas, though not the absolute best, are considered very good, with generous portions that could easily satisfy two people.

The inside of the restaurant is described as a spacious room lacking decorations, but this doesn’t diminish the overall positive experience. Visitors appreciate the friendly atmosphere and staff.

Restaurant Hótel Flúðir

Treat your taste buds at the restaurant inside Hotel Flúðir. It might lack the fancy ambiance, being part of the hotel, but the food steals the show! Reservations are your key to this hidden gem, where the classics shine.

Don’t expect avant-garde, but the well-prepared plates and charming service make it worth a try. Just a heads up, prices run a bit higher than other hotel dining spots in Iceland.

Recommended restaurants near Flúdir, Iceland

For those, who don´t mind to drive a bit from the town, we have two recommendations for you. The first recommended restaurant is small icelandic cow farm in Golden circle called Efstidalur. They are known for making meals from local ingredients, they have some great burgers and definitely must-try homemade ice cream.

The second place might be a good stop for tourist who are going to visit the most massive waterfall in Golden circle – Gullfoss. This café is just next to the parking at Gullfoss. Eventhough its not a fancy dining experience, but good place to grab some sandwich with coffee.

Efstidalur farm restaurant

Efsti dalur restaurant

Efstidalur, a charming family-run cattle farm in South Iceland, seamlessly combines agriculture, hospitality, and gastronomy. With a small hotel, a restaurant offering a view into the cowshed, and a café with an ice cream barn, the farm provides a unique experience against the stunning backdrop of Iceland’s landscapes.

The culinary gem of the farm is its restaurant, serving dishes crafted from fresh, local ingredients, including homemade ice cream and creamy milkshakes.

Renowned for its on-site prepared ice cream using milk from the farm’s dairy, the Ice Cream Barn is a popular spot for indulging in delightful treats amidst scenic surroundings.

Gullfoss café

Café Gullfoss photos

Gullfoss Café, perched above the iconic Gullfoss waterfall, is a bustling self-service hub. Though it can get hectic due to the crowds, the cafe compensates with a diverse range of items, including unique volcanic rock gifts.

It offers a pleasant spot for coffee, hot chocolate, and a variety of savory and sweet options. Despite the busyness, the cafe maintains cleanliness and friendly staff, making it a convenient and enjoyable stop for a hearty meal with a view.

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