Gluggafoss waterfall

Gluggafoss waterfall

Gluggafoss is a waterfall in southern Iceland, specifically in the Fljótshlíð area. As the most prominent member of a series of waterfalls running from the river Merkjá, it is also known as Merkjárfoss; both names are acknowledged on an on-site signpost.

About Gluggafoss waterfall

Gluggafoss, often referred to as Merkjárfoss, is a tribute to the wonders of nature.

The name, which translates to “Window Falls,” alludes to the unique geological feature that makes it stand out.

The succession of ‘windows’ or ‘holes’ that have been sculpted by the relentless power of water throughout the years are what truly distinguishes Gluggafoss.

The waterfall itself is fed by the river Merkjá, originating from the infamous Eyjafjallajökull glacier. The water gracefully descends in tiers, framed by the intricate rock formations that give Gluggafoss its unique identity. The surrounding landscape is a tableau of Icelandic beauty, with moss-covered rocks and the distant mountains contributing to the scene’s ethereal quality.

Exploring Gluggafoss is not just a visual delight; it’s an opportunity to engage with the raw power of nature. The sound of rushing water accompanies your journey, creating a symphony that resonates with the soul. Adventurous spirits might find joy in hiking trails that lead to elevated viewpoints, offering a different perspective of the falls and the surrounding panorama.

Accessible through well-maintained trails, Gluggafoss welcomes visitors year-round. Each season imparts its own magic to the waterfall – from the lush greens of summer to the pristine whites of winter.

At one point, you can stroll beneath the lower waterfall, but be prepared for a downpour. Waterproof attire and shoes are advised. Direct access to the waterfall is provided via a short climb from the parking lot, while some areas are blocked off to preserve the vegetation.

Hike to Gluggafoss

If you are wondering how to get to Gluggafoss waterfall, we have a simple directions for you.

The waterfall is accessible off Route 261, some 17.3 km from the closest major town, Hvolsvöllur (which in turn is 106 km east of Reykjavík).

  1. When you get in the town Hvolsvöllur, take a turn inside the town at the gas station and local café and then continue on this road for about 20 mins, until you see the sign to the waterfall.
  2. Take a turn to the parking lot and drive about a minute on gravel road, until you get to the parking.
  3. After this you´ll need walk a bit to get directly to the Gluggafoss.

Is it a paid attraction?

Parking and sightseeing Gluggafoss are not paid, so you can visit it for free.


Parking at the Gluggafoss waterfall is for about 10 – 15 cars, but there is usually never enough space, so there is always a free space in the car park where you can stop your car.


One of the best waterfall spot that is not filled with tourist. No bathroom amenities here just nature. Its one of our favorites during our visit. A half day is not enough to explore all the waterfall in this one area. Great place to fly a drone also”Joseph

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