5 best restaurants in Hella
5 best restaurants in Hella

5 best restaurants in Hella

Hella, small town in South Iceland is especially in the summer time starting point for many tourist, who are planning to visit highlands of Iceland (Landmannalaugar, Laugavegur trail or Thórsmórk). It´s also a great place to stay after exploring the Golden circle, so it´s obviously good idea to find out, what are the best restaurants in Hella for lunch or dinner.

We prepared a list of the few places you can find in the town and few restaurants, which are very close by and might worth to drive there.

You can also check the restaurants in nearby town Hvolsvollur, which is just about 15 mins of drive and offers little bit more.

As you will see, there are not many options in the town, but some hotels, especially 4 star hotel Rangá has a very nice restaurant worths visit, similar as Stracta hotel with their bistro.

For those, who don´t need a fancy dinning and get easily satisfied with simple, good and not a expensive meals, there is Grill66 at the Olís gas station just in the centre of the town with long opening hours, working all the year.

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Where to eat in Hella, Iceland

Ready to dive into Hella’s food scene? From cozy cafes to local restaurants  in Hella, Iceland, has a lot to offer for your taste buds. Let’s check out the top spots to grab some delicious eats in this town along the Ring Road. No fancy words, just good food ahead!

Top choice: Hotel Rangá restaurant

Atmosphere in hotel Rangá

Indulging at Hotel Rangá in Iceland is a sensory delight. The restaurant goes beyond serving a mere meal; it creates an immersive experience. Dive into a menu that takes you on a culinary exploration of authentic Icelandic flavors—simple yet exquisite dishes that let the taste do the talking.

The atmosphere is sophisticated yet down-to-earth, mirroring the rugged charm of the nearby landscapes. Whether you’re a hotel guest or a food enthusiast eager for an Icelandic encounter, this restaurant offers a straightforward culinary journey that lingers in your memory.

Stracta bistro in Hella

Stracta Bistro in Hella serves up tasty dishes with a side of warm hospitality. Keep in mind that the cozy kitchen might lead to a bit of a wait—up to an hour—to kick off your dining experience, thanks to a bustling crowd. If patience is not your game, the hotel restaurant offers a delightful alternative, complete with a pleasant dining space and a cozy terrace for beverages. In a nutshell, a charming spot dishing out flavorsome treats.

Grill66 at Olís gas station

Olís gas station in Hella is more than just a pit stop—it’s a haven for fast food enthusiasts. Whether you’re craving a classic burger, a comforting hot dog, or a satisfying vegan option, this place has you covered.

The clean and inviting seating area sets the stage for a pleasant dining experience. English menus make ordering a breeze, and the friendly staff ensures you feel right at home.

Expect your meal to be freshly made with attention to detail—like the over-easy egg topping on the burgers. The well-sorted shop is a convenient bonus for travelers. Quick, easy, and delicious, Olís in Hella is your go-to spot for a satisfying meal on the road.

Kannslarinn restaurant

Kanslarinn restaurant in Hella offers a taste of local flavors in a laid-back setting. While the Fish Stew stands out as a delightful Icelandic dish, be prepared for a bit of a wait for your order.

The portions are generous, giving you value for your money, and the staff ensures a friendly and efficient dining experience.

In an area with limited dining options, Kanslarinn provides an authentic and low-key atmosphere, making it a decent choice for those looking for a satisfying meal in Hella. While the pizza might not be the highlight, the reasonable prices make it a practical option in an otherwise expensive dining landscape.

Hotel Laekur restaurant

The restaurant at Hotel Laekur provides a delightful dining experience in its remote location. While meals are on the pricier side, the tasty and well-prepared fish dinner, along with a diverse menu catering to meat, fish, and vegetarian preferences, ensures there’s something for everyone.

The lamb curry comes highly recommended for its excellence. Although the portions are modest, the overall dining experience is enjoyable, with welcoming staff and delicious dinner options that make it a standout choice in the area.

Best café in Hella, Iceland

Almar bakarí

Almar Bakarí in Hella offers a delightful array of treats, making it a perfect stop for those exploring the area. The sandwiches, such as ham on a baguette and a turkey club, are exceptionally good, with fresh bread adding to the deliciousness.

While the dessert options are just okay, the bakery compensates with a variety of offerings, including pastries and coffee. Friendly staff and a cozy seating area make it a great spot to relax.

Although prices are on the higher side, it’s a typical reflection of Iceland’s cost of living.

For those embarking on a Landmannalaugar bus trip, Almar Bakarí serves as an ideal breakfast stop, opening at 8:00 during the summer, with ample parking available.

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