13 best restaurants in Hveragerdi
13 best restaurants in Hveragerdi

13 best restaurants in Hveragerdi

Having immersed myself in the culinary delights of Hveragerði, I’m thrilled to guide you through best restaurants, cafes, and pizzerias in this town in South Iceland.

Although Hveragerði may be not the biggest town of the Iceland, its culinary scene stands tall, making it a top contender for gastronomic experiences in Iceland.

Nestled close to captivating attractions and hot springs, Hveragerði beckons travelers not just for its natural wonders but also for a delightful journey through its diverse dining establishments.

Our recommended hand-picked restaurants would be definitely restaurant Varmá with the small hot spring area and memorable Ingólfsskáli restaurant with real viking atmosphere.

For the fans of the sea food, there is one of the best sea food restaurants in Iceland nearby – Fjórubordid.

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Where to eat in Hveragerði

In this culinary guide to Hveragerði, I’ve curated a selection of top-notch restaurants that encapsulate the essence of local flavors. From delightful dishes inspired by Hveragerði’s culinary heritage to a celebration of seasonal produce, each establishment promises an immersive and delicious experience in this charming Icelandic town.

Top choice: HVER restaurant

Hver restaurant photos
Atmosphere in Hver restaurant

Dine in style at Hver, Hveragerði’s gem. With a concise yet delightful menu featuring local favorites, the restaurant boasts well-presented, delicious dishes in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Enjoy happy hour from 4-6pm and savor top-notch service, making Hver a highly recommended spot for a memorable dining experience. The lamb, a standout choice, is a culinary delight. Whether you’re a hotel guest or a local, Hver delivers excellent food and a laid-back atmosphere, making it a must-visit in Hveragerði.

Ingólfsskáli viking restaurant

Meals in Ingolfsskáli restaurant
Meals in Ingolfsskáli restaurant

Step into the Viking-themed world of Ingólfskalli, where every detail, from walls to tables, immerses you in a unique dining experience. Though prices slightly exceed average, the exceptional ambiance justifies the cost.

Indulge in the Viking Feast—an exquisite culinary journey with mead served in large drinking horns, handmade table settings, and a captivating atmosphere.

Priced around 100 euros per person, it’s a worthwhile experience.

Savor the best lamb in Iceland, complemented by top-notch service. While the atmosphere leans towards touristy, offering shark and horse meat on the menu, Ingólfskalli delivers a distinctive and rare Icelandic culinary adventure. Live music could enhance the authenticity, but overall, it’s an experience worth embracing.

Hofland eatery

Hofland eatery photos
Pizza from Hofland eatery

Hofland Eatery: A cozy spot with a minimal setup and menu, creating a warm ambiance. Known for pizzas and burgers, the beef burger stands out—simple, no-frills, with a juicy patty and flavorful bacon. Highly recommended for those in the area.

A pizza haven, Hofland Eatery delivers great service and a friendly staff. The Margarita Pizza is a highlight—delicious, not greasy, with a perfectly balanced crust. Enjoy the pleasant outdoor seating, complemented by free wifi. A must-visit for quality pizza at good value.

Ölverk Pizza & Brewery

Olverk pizzeria photos
Olverk pizzeria Hveragerdi

Olverk Pizzeria and Brewery: A pizzeria with a mini-brewery, perfect for beer tasting. Despite a busy Friday evening, we quickly found a spot and enjoyed complimentary water with our excellent beer. Free parking available.

A great find for a random dinner stop, Olverk focuses on pizza, offering a unique menu without distractions like pasta. The pizzas were decent, and the fries with chili mayo were tasty, though sauce quantity could be improved. Overall, a satisfying discovery.

While the pizza was okay, improvements could be made, especially with toppings placement. The margarita, pepperoni, and Hawaiian pizzas were ordered, and guests might experience longer waiting times.

Restaurant Varmá


A delightful restaurant with a well-designed space under a large glass roof offering views of the river! The staff is friendly, smiling, and respectful. The high-quality cuisine blends traditional Icelandic recipes with new flavors. A beautiful wine and cocktail list adds to the experience. Congratulations to the chef!

Varmá stands out as the best for both breakfast and dinner on our entire trip, surpassing even higher-priced, high-quality restaurants. It outshines competitors, including Hotel Rangá.



Restaurant Mátkráin: Offering exquisite food, Mátkráin presents a variety of dishes that blend modern touches with traditional bases, exemplified by their housemade bread. The staff is exceptionally friendly and polite, ensuring flawless and timely service, even for larger groups.

Known for its traditional Icelandic Smørrebrød, Mátkráin provides a wide variety of options, including additional dishes. The menu is accessible, featuring duo options for those overwhelmed by choices.


The salmon and egg dish is delicious, with quick food service and a tempting dessert selection—especially the ace limoncello cheesecake.

The Greenhouse: Foodhall


A unique concept store, bar, and good food make it an ideal place to unwind after a long day, have fun with friends on weekends, or enjoy a cozy date night.

We decided to try the food today! The tacos and nachos from Taco Streetfood, Yuzu’s delightful fries (affordable), shrimp salad bread, and fish and chips were all tasty. It’s an inexpensive opportunity to be full and happy by Icelandic standards! We were thrilled and plan to try the rest of the wok dishes. By the way, the hotel on the left has delicious, less sugary Skyr ice cream! Give it a try.

Best cafés in Hveragerði

Eventhough the town of Hveragerði is not very big, you can enjoy few cafés there. Inside the town, you can find two places where to grab a café, Rósakaffi (with shorter opening hours) and café in Greenhouse foodhall with longer opening hours. In case you plan to take a hike to the local hot springs, Reykjadalur valley, we recommend visit the Reykjadalur café just next to parking at the beginning of the hike.

Reykjadalur café


A cool spot with delicious pastries, making it a joy to visit after exploring the hot springs. A must-visit café after bathing in the hot river, where the trail begins from this parking lot.

The best hot chocolate I’ve ever had, and the toast was excellent, served with an interesting sauce.

Beautifully decorated, it’s perfect for relaxation after a hike. The cake was outstanding, and the hot chocolate tasted great too.



A lovely spot for lunch with attentive and friendly staff. Conveniently located next to the thermal geopark, offering good value for money. Highly recommended.

Service-minded staff, delightful bread tarts, and a variety of cakes. The buffet is a steal at 3000 ISK – worth arriving early.

An unpretentious restaurant on the route to the Reykajadulur valley. The vegan burger was a pleasant surprise, breaking away from the usual bean or quinoa-based options.

Almar bakery


An amazing little bakery with friendly and patient staff. All the food is fresh and delicious, especially their delicious Ostaslaufur!

Offering a wide assortment of pastries and sandwiches, including croissants. It gets busy, so don’t forget to grab a ticket upon entering.


When you visit, be sure to take a number if you want to make a purchase. The pastries are very fresh, tasty, and there’s a great selection of sandwiches. Highly recommended as an early stop before heading to the geopark for coffee and breakfast.

The Greenhouse café


Recommended restaurants near Hveragerði

If you don´t mind driving a bit outside of the town and prefer to have unique dinning experience, we have two “secret gems” for you. The first restaurant is recently open bistro in Selfoss, which immediately gained a ton a great reviews, not just because the food, but also service.

The second place is well knowed sea food restaurant in small town called Stokkseyri, on the south coast of Iceland. This restaurant is many time mentioned as one of the best sea food restaurants all over the Iceland.

Lilly&Julia’s Bistro


A culinary gem offering extremely high-quality food with options catering to all dietary requirements.

With a small yet curated menu, this cozy bistro in a great location comes highly recommended, offering some of the best food experienced in Iceland.

For vegetarians and vegans, the dishes stand out with thoughtful and delicious choices, making it a favorite restaurant throughout the stay in Iceland.

The three-course meal is a perfect reward after a day of hiking, with standout dishes and a delightful apple dessert.

Lily and Julia's bistro Selfoss

The chef’s humor and interaction enhance the overall experience, delivering well-done main courses, impressive starters like the delicious potato soup, and delightful desserts.

Fjöruborðið sea food restaurant


Renowned for its amazing magical soup, living up to its name with irresistible flavors. While slightly pricey, the experience is a must-try in Iceland.

“The langoustine, perfectly prepared with a delightful butter and garlic sauce, stands out, complemented by a tasty chocolate cake.”


Friendly service and a recommendation for seafood enthusiasts, especially those seeking the flavorful and fresh langoustines. Booking in advance is advisable to secure a table along the Ring Road.

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