Blue lagoon vs Sky lagoon? Which one to visit?
Blue lagoon vs Sky lagoon? Which one to visit?

Blue lagoon vs Sky lagoon? Which one to visit?

Almost every third traveler who visits Iceland during their stay enjoys a bath in the Blue Lagoon. However, this well-known and popular tourist attraction has an alternative since the summer of 2021, and that is the Sky Lagoon, right in Reykjavík in one of the local harbors. More and more people are asking me which of these lagoons is better and which ones they should visit.

Comparing Blue Lagoon vs. Sky Lagoon is not at all easy because visitors are very happy with both places, even though each of the lagoons offers a slightly different experience.

So it is very difficult to tell and decide which of these attractions you should choose.

So I will try to describe the differences and advantages or disadvantages of both places and leave the decision to you.

However, if you have the opportunity to visit both places, I definitely recommend trying it and make your own opinion about whether Sky lagoon or Blue lagoon is better.

About lagoons

Both lagoons are man-made, even though you will find pieces of nature in both places. In the Blue Lagoon it is, for example, the natural silica subsoil in a lava field.

In the Sky Lagoon it is elements from different parts of Iceland – for example the typical turf grass at the entrance to the Sky Lagoon, the ice water pool created by one of Iceland’s natural hot springs or the waterfall.

The Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon is almost one of the symbols of Iceland. Blue Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Iceland, opened in 1992, which is visited annually by up to 700,000 visitors, whether locals or travelers.

Therefore, this attraction can seem a bit overcrowded, especially in the summer months, when it is the season in Iceland.

Even so, this attraction is extensive and you will always find a space where you can enjoy your experience. Thanks to its convenient location, close to the airport, you can visit it even if you stay in Iceland for only a few hours or days.

The artificial bath is the largest in Iceland in addition to classic bath massages, you will find two restaurants and accommodation in a luxury hotel.

The Sky Lagoon


In contrast to the Blue Lagoon, the Sky Lagoon is a newly opened attraction that was completed in the summer of 2021, so everything is new.

Compared to the Blue Lagoon, it is noticeably smaller, but thanks to the location it offers much more beautiful views and the pool is located between the rocks, which creates a much more relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

One completely forgets that one is still in the capital of Iceland.


Blue lagoon is undoubtedly more popular, which is due to the fact that these baths have been operating for many years and are almost a symbol of Iceland.

Silky blue water in this lagoon creates unforgettable photographs and this turquoise blue water is perhaps never elsewhere in Iceland except Mývatn nature baths.


Visitors to the Blue Lagoon are mainly from abroad, mainly due to the location – it is very close to the airport, so travelers visit it on the first or last day of their trip to Iceland.

You can also meet local Icelanders here, but the number of tourists is almost noticeable.

On the other hand, Sky Lagoon is not so much in the subconscious of travelers, but Icelanders consider it very popular and there is a chance to meet more locals, especially in the evening or on weekends.

Due to the fact that the Sky Lagoon is not so popular with tourists, the whole atmosphere of this place is calmer and much less overcrowded.

This can be a plus for those who do not feel comfortable in crowded changing rooms or want to enjoy a quieter stay in the pool or sauna.

Prices of lagoons

Prices to both attractions are not very different, if we omit the luxury package in the Blue Lagoon.

The cheapest ticket starts at around $50, which does not include private changing rooms, a bar drink or a bath mask.

How expensive is Blue lagoon?

Prices at the Blue Lagoon range from $ 60 to $ 350, and even in the basic package you can use a silica mask, 1 drink at the bar and of course you will receive a towel.

  • The basic and cheapest package in the Blue Lagoon costs you 60 USD / 53 EUR and includes, in addition to the lagoon ticket, a silica mask, a towel and one drink at the bar.
  • The premium package (which I would recommend) also includes another mask of your choice, a bathrobe, slippers and a free drink (sparkling wine) at the local restaurant Lava. The price for premium entry is 77 USD / 68 EUR.
  • The luxury package, which costs approximately 430 USD / 270 EUR, offers an extended four-hour experience stay at the Retreat spa in private changing suites, access to the Retreat spa with saunas and relaxation rooms, as well as a stay at the public Blue Lagoon.

How expensive is Sky lagoon?

Sky Lagoon also offers three types of admission, namely Pure lite pass, Pure pass or Sky pass.

For many people, the main and important difference is that thanks to the Sky pass, you can use non-public changing rooms and have your own shower unit, which you do not share with anyone.

  • The cheapest Pure lite pass ticket for 53 USD / 47 EUR offers a basic entrance to the lagoon, but without the possibility of using a ritual (sauna, scrubbing, cold misty shower). Ideal for those who want to enjoy the view and bath in the lagoon at the lowest price and do not require extra care.
  • The Pure pass costs USD 65 / EUR 58 and offers, in addition to entering the Sky Lagoon, a seven-step ritual, public changing rooms and showers and a towel included.
  • Sky pass, on the other hand, offers the already mentioned private showers with Sky body lotion and, of course, a seven-step ritual and a towel included for the price of about 110 USD / 95 EUR



Sky lagoon ritual

The ritual in Sky Lagoon has seven steps, although not all of them are actually an experience (especially towel tu use).

7-step ritual at Sky Lagoon:

  1. Relax in the main lagoon with waterfall and amazing view to ocean
  2. Cold therapy in glacier-fresh pool
  3. Sauna with gorgeous view through largest window in Iceland
  4. Refreshing cold misty shower
  5. Rejuvenation with a Sky cleansing scrub
  6. Warming in steam
  7. Final clean in gentle shower

How to get there

Location of both places could be the reason why you would choose Blue lagoon or Sky lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is much closer to the airport, so it is ideal to visit it on the last or penultimate day of your trip before departure.

Sky Lagoon, on the other hand, is one of the ports in Reykjavik, making it ideal for those who have planned a trip to Iceland with a few days’ stay in Reykjavik.

It is easier to access and you can end your exploring day in Reykjavík there.

Transportation to the Sky Lagoon is possible using taxis or some of the day tours. Transfers from Reykjavik to Sky Lagoon will cost you around $ 20-30, which is much cheaper than transferring to Blue Lagoon.

Pros and cons

The advantages and disadvantages of the Sky Lagoon are both in size and in the offer of this lagoon. Because the Sky Lagoon is not so big, some of the visitors could get bored here, especially those who are not enthusiasts of saunas or ice baths.

Another disadvantage may be that the Sky Lagoon does not offer any luxury packages, so all areas except showers and changing rooms are always shared with everyone, whether it is a main lagoon, cold tub or saunas.

Among the advantages of the Sky Lagoon, however, I would definitely include the view and the entire Sky Lagoon.

Personally, I like Sky Lagoon much more. As you can see in the photos, the whole lagoon is hidden in the rocks, you can enjoy the waterfall and the whole place has typical elements of Iceland (stone cold tub, sauna in turf house).

Unforgettable is the sauna with a really beautiful view of the ocean, where you can clear your mind and forget about everything.

Which one is better? Check this video


Another great advantage, especially for women, is that the water in the Sky Lagoon is not damaging hair as water in the Blue Lagoon. You can freely enjoy soaking all your body without being nervous about conditioner usage.

Restaurants and facilities

Unlike Blue Lagoon in Sky Lagoon, you won’t find a hotel or a choice of food. At the entrance to the Sky Lagoon you will find a simple Sky café, which is more like a bar with snacks than a real dinning room or restaurant.

Smakk bar at Sky lagoon café

On the other hand, you are still right in Reykjavik, so after experiencing the Sky Lagoon, you can choose from hundreds of restaurants throughout the Icelandic capital.

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