Sky lagoon – review with all questions answered
Sky lagoon – review with all questions answered

Sky lagoon – review with all questions answered

Iceland may seem like a very cold country, but thanks to its geothermal energy, you will find many hot springs here, whether natural or man-made.

Just one of the baths that you can enjoy directly in Reykjavik not only in cold weather is the Sky Lagoon, a newly opened bath overlooking the ocean. We have prepared a Sky Lagoon review for you, where you will find everything you need to know about this place.

About Sky lagoon


Sky lagoon was opened in 2021 and is the successor to the famous Blue lagoon, which you will find unlike Sky lagoon outside Reykjavík. Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon choose the second option.

Read a comparison of Blue lagoon vs Sky lagoon and find out which is better

As we mentioned in the introduction, Sky Lagoon is located in the capital of Iceland – Reykjavik, about 15 minutes by car from the city center.

The main attraction is the large swimming pool overlooking the ocean and the bay of Reykjavik, but in addition it offers several other relaxation options. You can choose from several packages, the cheapest Pure lite pass includes only entry to the pool, Pure pass is including a complete ritual with 7 steps.

Sky lagoon 7 step ritual


The most frequently used package includes a complete 7 step ritual, thanks to which you can enjoy not only a bath in the pool hidden in the rocks, but also a cool hot plunge, sauna with beautiful views (and the largest window in Iceland), cleansing in the haze, scrub, steam sauna and complete everything with a shower and soothing in the bath.


  • Step 1 – enter the lagoon directly from the changing room
    Unlike other lagoons and pools in Iceland, access to the pool is directly from the changing rooms, so you don’t have to run cold and windy outdoors, but you enter the heated pool directly from the premises.
  • Step 2 – Immerse yourself in a cooling bath
    After enjoying the hot water in the main pool, you can use the smaller pool next to the lagoon, cool off your body and prepare for the sauna. Like all elements in the Sky Lagoon, this pool is reminiscent of one of the original historic Snorralaug baths you will find in Iceland.
  • Step 3 – Relax in the sauna with amazing ocean views
    You can make time in the sauna by exploring the Icelandic ocean and the local harbor with enchanting views directly from the sauna.
  • Step 4 – Refresh yourself in a gentle shower
    You can follow the sauna by passing through the shower veil, which will refresh you and wake you up from the heated sauna due to its temperature.
  • Step 5 – Cleanse your skin
    Sky lagoon has prepared its own Body scrub for you, which will help with the regeneration of your skin thanks to the unique component of sea salt.
  • Step 6 – Steam room
    The steam will reopen your skin and your skin will tingle from the Sky body scrub. Here, the main therapeutic components of Ritual are absorbed and the hydrating properties of Sky Body Scrub are improved. Steam will open your skin once more, with your skin tingling from the Sky Body Scrub. The Ritual’s major therapeutic ingredients are absorbed here, and the Sky Body Scrub’s moisturizing properties are enhanced.
  • Step 7 – Shower and relax
    Thanks to the last step in the shower, you will wash your body scrum, cleanse your body and you can come back again and enjoy relaxation in the pool.

Sky lagoon passes, prices and costs of visit

Prices and cost of Sky lagoon are definitely information that interests you. Prices are comparable to the Blue Lagoon, the most famous bath in Iceland and slightly higher than the rest of other lagoons (Secret Lagoon, Myvatn nature baths).


What packages are available in Sky Lagoon?
You can find the answer to this question and the prices here. In 2022 you can choose from four packages:

  • Pure lite Pass – the cheapest version with access to the pool only for ISK 6990 /
  • Pure Pass – entrance to the pool + possibility to use 7 step ritual for the price of 9900 ISK /
  • Sky Pass – package containing additional private changing rooms 13900 ISK /
  • Date night package – a package for couples who, in addition to a complete entrance for two and a ritual, offers 2 drinks at the bar and food from the Smakk restaurant 23,990 ISK /

Changing room and shower in Sky lagoon


Changing rooms are especially important for many tourists when choosing a bath or lagoon. In Iceland, all pools and lagoons are required to shower naked, which is why some tourists are afraid to shower in public showers.

However, Sky Lagoon solved this problem thanks to separate showers both when entering with a cheaper package, as well as the possibility to purchase a Sky Pass and use a private changing cabin.

The difference between a cheaper ticket and a more expensive one is that the VIP entrance allows you to use the cabin with a changing room and a shower, which is completely separate from all the others.

In addition to the shower, you will find a mirror, hairdryer, washbasin and lockers in your cabin.

In the cheaper variant, the spaces with the lockers are common, but you do not shower in the open space, but each shower has a border, so you are not naked in front of all people. You can also enter the shower in a swimsuit, so you don’t have to worry about a shameful naked walk through the changing rooms.

What to wear in Sky lagoon


There are not strict rules about what to wear in Sky lagoon. Nevertheless, we recommend classic swimsuits or shorts, bikinis are also allowed.

Some tourists also take flip flops with them to the Sky Lagoon, but these are not necessary because the walk from the changing rooms directly to the lagoon is not very long and the whole floor is clean and slightly heated.

If you want to keep your hair dry, then we recommend hair clips.

Completely list of what to wear in Sky lagoon

  • Swim suite – To enter the pool and saunas, you’ll need a swimsuit or swim trunks. This blue swimsuit was one of the items I brought with me.
  • Hair elastics

What to bring


You don’t have to take anything to the Sky Lagoon other than a swimsuit and a good mood. However, if you want to have the best possible experience and memories, then we have this list for you and a few tips on what to bring to you to Sky lagoon.

Probably the most important thing you should not forget when your bath at Sky baths is the waterproof case for phone.

Whether you want to take a selfie, videos or photos together while bathing, you definitely don’t want to worry about getting water on your mobile phone or charging port.

The waterproof case can be bought in Reykjavík, but everything in Iceland is much more expensive and therefore it may be better to order a phone waterproof case in advance, for example on the Amazon.

  • Sunglasses – In Iceland, you may expect any kind of weather, including bright sunlight. Add in the fact that the sunlight are reflected by the lagoon, and it’s a good idea to pack shades. The blue aviator look was my choice.
  • Waterproof phone case – If you plan on carrying your phone into the lagoon, this is a must. It’s hot and stuffy in there. So even if it doesn’t become wet, moisture might cause damage. Find a way to make your phone waterproof while still allowing you to use it. You may acquire a Lifeproof case or something simpler like a dry sleeve to keep it safe (what I did).
  • Hair brush
  • Own towel (optional)
  • Deodorant
  • Flip flops (optional)
  • Water of bottle (optional)

How long do you to stay in lagoon?


Opinions on how long to stay in the Sky Lagoon vary. Some people need an hour or two, other visitors want to fully enjoy the ritual and stay here 3-4 hours.

The length of stay at this hot springs depends on how much you enjoy soaking in warm water and how much time you have during your stay in the Sky Lagoon.

If you plan to travel outside or through the Sky Lagoon, Reykjavík may take 1.5 hours. If you have a stay in Reykjavik for a few days and you have planned an entire afternoon at the Sky Lagoon, you can spend more time here.

The length of time spent on a trip to the Sky Lagoon obviously depends on which transfer you choose, at what time you go to the Sky Lagoon (weekends are usually more crowdy), whether to book full admission with 7 step ritual and whether you will stay here after the bath and use Sky bistro to have a snack after bath.

Restaurant and café – how is food at Sky lagoon?

Just like in the famous Blue Lagoon, you can eat in the Sky Lagoon. There is a Sky Café and a Smakk Bar on site.

Sky Lagoon offers mainly smaller meals in its premises, there is no full restaurant, so it is probably not an ideal place for a family dinner. We will let you decide whether you would choose something at the Smakk bar in Sky lagoon, take a look at the Sky lagoon food and drink menu and make your own decision.

Smakk bar
Smakk bar in Sky lagoon

Prices of drinks and drink menu at Sky lagoon 



Restaurant menu


Is Sky lagoon worth it?

Many tourists are asking question, if the Sky lagoon worths it. We can give you a simple answer. Sky lagoon definitely worth the money spend for ticket. Eventhough it´s not the cheapest hot spring in Iceland, all the experience is completely unique.

Visitors enjoy all the design and facilities of Sky lagoon at any day time, even if it´s raining or night and many of them prefer it to Blue lagoon. And that brings us to comparison, which one is better – Sky lagoon vs Blue lagoon.

Sky Lagoon or Blue Lagoon


Both of the hot springs (and both man made) have fans from different reason.

The Blue lagoon is older and more famous one, very close to international airport in Keflavik with amazing blue color.

It´s also the most expensive hot spring in Iceland, but offers different admission packages also with private changing rooms and shower, which is a big plus for many tourists.

The reason for that is simple – in all the swimming pools and paid hot springs in Iceland is mandatory to take a shower naked, before you enter the pool. And many of the lagoons, pools or hot springs have shared changing rooms and showers with all other visitors (of course, always separated for males and females).

But both, Sky lagoon and Blue lagoon can offer you package (not the cheapest one) where you can get your own changing room or shower unit (stall, in Sky lagoon).

Sky lagoon is in compare to Blue lagoon very new. They opened in middle of year 2021 so everything inside seems new. They offer various packages, from simple entrance just to the main pool (for many tourists good enough) to most expensive package which includes full 7 – ritual package, including saunas and scrubs.

It´s very hard to decide for us, which one is better, if Blue lagoon or Sky lagoon. Because of that, we wrote a comprehensive comparison with all the facts about both, Sky and Blue lagoon. You can read this comparison in our another blogpost on this adress ( and make your decision, which one to visit ( or maybe even visit both).

Alternatives to Sky lagoon

If you want to experience different hot springs in Iceland, maybe because you don´t have so much time to spend in Reykjavík or you don´t like to visit Sky lagoon from some reason, you can find many alternatives to Sky lagoon all over the Iceland.


You can use our guide to hot springs in Iceland and take a look at all the man made and pain hot springs, which includes for example:

If you stay in Reykjavík and you can´t book a Sky lagoon because it´s already sold out, you can always visit some of the cities public pool.

They don offert offer such a nice views, but there are various types of pools, hot tubs and saunas so you can enjoy similar relaxing experience. In this case just please be aware of the fact that there are only public showers in the Reykjavik´s swimming pools, so you would have to shower naked around other visitors.

Location – How to get to Sky Lagoon

Are you staying in Reykjavík and our review of Sky lagoon make you interested to visit this place? In this case, you can many options, how to get to Sky lagoon. First please take a look at this map and check the distance from the Reykjavík downtown or from your hotel.

In which city is Sky lagoon

The answer to this question is straightforward. You will find the Sky lagoon in Reykjavík, which is the capitol of Iceland. The exact location of Sky lagoon is Vesturvör 44-48 Kópavogur, which is part of Reykjavík close to the ocean.

How far is Sky lagoon from airport

If you are traveling from internation airport in Keflavík, you may want to know what the distance from the airport to Sky lagoon is 46 km. You can drive this distance in about 40 mins, if there is no big traffic in Reykjavík.

There are many ways, how you can get from the airport to Sky lagoon. You can rent a car directly at the airport, use a airport shuttle bus to Reykjavík city and then get to Sky lagoon or use direct transfer from airport to Sky lagoon.

Sky Lagoon with transfer

Sky lagoon and travel transport agencies offer transfer straight to Sky lagoon and back. You can use this transfer just inside the Reykjavík city, or from the airport in Keflavík (46 km far away).


We recommend to use the transfer from Guide to iceland, because their offer has just the best value for money and many positive reviews.

How to get to Sky lagoon (Reykjavik to Sky Lagoon bus)

There are of course cheaper ways, how you can get to Sky lagoon from Reykjavík city.

  • If you want the cheapest one, you can use one of many Reykjavík´s walk paths. Reykjavík is not such a big city and the walk from downtown´s hotels will take you around 30 mins to one hour.
  • The second cheapest option could be by public bus or with a sccoter. The advantages of public bus services in Reykjavík are stable time schedule and close bus stops to Sky lagoon.

On the other hand, there is the possibility to rent a scooter and use mobile app to get access to them. You can easily download the app Hopp, connect with you credit card and in the app find the available scooter near you.

Eventhought it´s a bit more complicated, it allows you to have a more freedom, stop by in other places on the way and arrive to Sky lagoon faster.

Tip from reader: I went in December,and just took a taxi. The journey from my hotel (centre hotel plaza) only took 10-15 minutes. I don’t remember the price in krona, but it seemed reasonable, I think it was under £15. The sky lagoon reception phoned a cab for my return. Well worth the visit!

The easier option is of course in case, when you already rented a car and you can just drive to Sky lagoon. The best is just use the navigation and let it take you to this hot springs. There is parking lot, big enough, so you can always find a free spot. The parking lot is not paid.

There is a chance you could be afraid, that you got lost because of Sky lagoon location. The road to Sky lagoon is through the industrial zone, but don´t be afraid and just follow the navigation, you will find this hidden lagoon next to the ocean and as soon as you enter the place, you can enjoy the beauty of this geothermal baths.

Sky lagoon at night


Many of the visitors don’t have any other chance than to book Sky lagoon at night, when it alreadys already darkness.

There comes the question – does it worth to visit Sky lagoon at night, will you enjoy it?

From our point of view, we would definitely say yes – do it! We would even encourage you to go to Sky lagoon at night or later afternoon instead of morning or sunny day.

There is something magical about the place in the night and despite not enjoying the full views from the pool or sauna, you can feel the unique bathing in the night in Iceland.

Sky lagoon in rain

The weather in Iceland is almost always unpredictable, so there is always chance that at time, when you booked Sky lagoon, there will be rain. Should you have a concerns about it and maybe thinking about reschedule? Not at all.

The water in Sky lagoon is warm enough and the access the to pool from showers is closed, so you will not notice the rain until you can inside the pool.

There is minimal chance that it would get cold in the Sky lagoon, just only if the stronger wind comes with the rain.

But even in this case (and if you booked the 7 step ritual) you can go to saunas and heat your body, so you will be ready to enjoy the outside pool.


We get often questions in the comments and on Facebook about some facts, when visiting Sky lagoon. Because of that, we decided to come with this Frequently asked questions and publicly answer the most asked ones.

Is Sky lagoon open all year?

Sky lagoon, the best hot springs and lagoon is open all year, almost 365 days in year. There are only few day in year, when they are open and that´s usually because of staff teambuilding and celebration.

How big is parking?

As we already mentioned, you don´t have to be worried about parking next to Sky lagoon. You can find two big parking areas, where can fit over hundreds cars.

Parking at Sky lagoon is free and you can park there for unlimited amount of time (if you are visitor of Sky lagoon).

What temperature is water at Sky lagoon?

The temperature of water at Sky lagoon can vary, depends if you are at the spot where the warm water comes to the pool or more away.

The fact is, that the average temperature in Sky lagoon is between 90 – 100 degrees (35 Celsius). It is the optimal temperature even for long stays and for those, who likes to be more warm, there are always saunas where you can heat up.

How deep is Sky lagoon?

Water in Sky lagoon is almost everywhere same deep. It is about 80 cm to one meter deep, that means you need to soak in the water or be on your knees, if you want your all body (except head) to be under the water).

Do you have to pre book tickets?

There two ways how you can book tickets at Sky lagoon. You can buy and admission at the reception inside the Sky lagoon or book it online, at the website.

But the answer to this question is simple – yes, you should always pre book tickets to Sky lagoons, because the tickets are quickly selling out and if you want the bathing to fit in your schedule, pre book tickets at least few day (or even weeks) ahead.

Does Sky lagoon have private showers?

The changing rooms and showers at Sky lagoon are both public and private. But the answer is yes, there are private showers at Sky lagoon for those, who buy and VIP ticket with full admission and 7 step ritual.

But even if you just book a cheap ticket with entrance only to pool, you can use a showers with stalls, so your body is not fully visible to others, while showering.

Is there a time limit?

If you are thinking about how long to stay at Sky lagoon and if there is a time limit at this place, we have a good news for you.

There is no time limit at Sky lagoon and even if you book you ticket at specified time, nobody is actually checking, how long do stay at Sky lagoon.

Can you see northern lights at Sky lagoon?

Yes, the Sky lagoon has a great location for watching the northern lights (Aurora borealis). We have already seen many photos from this year, when tourist actually enjoyed bathing at Sky lagoon and watching the northern lights at the same.

If you want to see northern lights at Sky lagoon, just try to plan your visit ahead. In Iceland, there are northern lights only from January til middle of April and from September to December.

You can also use the northern light forest apps to actualy predict, if there is a chance to see something.

Is there an age limit at Sky lagoon?

Eventhough the Sky lagoon is family friendly, there is an age limit at Sky lagoon. This age limit is set to 12 years, so if you have a kids younger that this age, they´re not allowed to enter Sky lagoon even with parents or with older visitor. Children 12–14 must be accompanied by a guardian (18 years or older).

How are the lockers at Sky lagoon?

The lockers in Iceland can be for many tourist from all over the world confusing, but in the Sky lagoon, you don´t have to be worried.

The lockers at Sky lagoon are very simple – you get a waterproof bracelet with chip, which you use all the time in Sky lagoon.

When you put all your clothes and stuff to your locker, you just close it and lock it with your bracelet, just putting it on the button on locker. As you see, the color on button changed, you know all your stuff is locked and you can enjoy bathing.

This bracelet for locker is also used for payments at swim up bar and then you get charge when leaving the Sky lagoon.

Sky lagoon contacts

In case you didn´t find all the answers in our guide to Sky lagoon, you can always contact workers in Sky lagoon directly.

Feel free to use any of these contact, mentioned under this paragraph to make sure, you will fully enjoy your experience in this best hot spring and lagoon in Reykjavík in Iceland.

Sky lagoon reviews from visitors

“I enjoyed the Sky Lagoon more than the Blue Lagoon. The view of Sky Lagoon is spectacular. Price is slightly less than Blue Lagoon too.”Denise Collar

“We booked it early in the morning for the day, we got to enjoy the views while dark (early in the day it’s still pretty dark) and during the day and the sun 🌞 was out too. Such an amazing experience! Cant wait To go Back. Enjoy itSusan Jeffers

“Love the full upgrade and worth it. Includes the 7 step Ritual and a private shower room with shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, towels. Recommend taking your camera with you first, get your pics then run in and put in your locker so you can just enjoy the experience. No cameras in the Ritual rooms.”Jill Sture

“Sky lagoon doesn’t have that blue colour but has a fabulous infinity pool over the ocean. The 7 step ritual is amazing and a sauna with the best view. I haven’t been to Blue lagoon so can’t compare. We chose sky to save on travelling as we had lots of other bus trips booked.” – Peter Wahl

Video review of one of the Sky lagoon visitors


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