Best restaurants in Hvolsvöllur
Best restaurants in Hvolsvöllur

Best restaurants in Hvolsvöllur

Since settling in Hvollsvöllur, I’ve eagerly explored the latest additions to the culinary landscape, and I’m excited to share the best Hvollsvöllur restaurants, cafes, and wine bars with you.

Hvollsvöllur may be small in size, but its food scene rivals the best, making it one of my favorite destinations in Iceland.

Close to favorite waterfalls Seljalandsfoss, Gljúfrábruí or Gluggafoss, starting destination for jeep tours to Thórsmork and good place to sleep after exploring Golden circle, Hvollsvöllur has many reason why to visit this town in South Iceland.

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Where to eat in Hvollsvöllur

These handpicked recommendations of best restaurants in town offer a taste of the local flavors, featuring delightful dishes inspired by Hvollsvöllur’s culinary heritage. Each establishment highlights the bounty of seasonal produce from the region, ensuring a truly immersive and delicious experience in this Icelandic village.

Top choice: Hotel Rangá restaurant

Atmosphere in hotel Rangá

Dining at Hotel Rangá in Iceland is a treat for the senses. The restaurant here doesn’t just offer a meal; it crafts an experience. Expect a menu that’s a culinary journey through Icelandic flavors—no frills, just exquisite dishes that speak for themselves.

The ambiance is refined, yet unpretentious, matching the rugged beauty of the surroundings. Whether you’re a guest at the hotel or a discerning diner seeking a taste of Iceland, this restaurant delivers a no-nonsense culinary adventure that leaves a lasting impression.

Hygge restaurant

Hygge Restaurant: Unbelievably authentic Icelandic culinary delight! Exceptional staff and cuisine, with a breathtaking view of Hekla.

Very pleasant staff, excellent beers, and a charming ambiance! There’s a reason it’s called Hygge, and it was amazing.

Highly recommended! A very atmospheric restaurant with excellent service. The food was tasty and beautifully presented, showcasing superb product quality. The ambiance is crafted not only by the decor but also by the welcoming staff.

Midgard restaurant

Midgard Restaurant: We indulged in divine lamb and Arctic char—both impeccably crafted, down to the mint and micro-basil. The atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed, offering a welcome respite after a day’s adventures.

Delicious food, and incredibly friendly service. Despite a bustling crowd and limited reservations, we didn’t have to wait long for our table.

Every dish, from the celery soup to the smoked salmon foam, lamb shank, and poached rhubarb dessert, was fresh and flavorful. A dining experience worth repeating!

Valhalla bar and restaurant

The cozy and lively atmosphere sets the stage with billiards, darts, and a Viking-themed dining area complete with long wooden tables and a vibrant music scene.

Beyond being a restaurant, it doubles as a social club where locals gather, immersing diners in a Viking-inspired experience with hearty portions, communal vibes, and great tunes.

Experience good times that transport you to the heart of a vibrant town—an evening at Valhalla is both laid-back and thoroughly enjoyable.

Svo restaurant in hotel Hvollsvöllur


Exploring Hotel Hvolsvöllur, SVO Restaurant proved a delightful surprise.  The presentation is elegant, and the fish of the day is delightfully fresh and tender. While differing reviews highlighted individual tastes, the consistent positive note was the friendly service, making SVO Restaurant a noteworthy stop in the travel narrative of Hotel Hvolsvöllur.

Stracta bistro in Hella

Stracta Bistro in Hella delivers good food and friendly service, but be prepared for a potential one-hour wait to start your meal due to the small kitchen handling a large crowd. The hotel restaurant provides a nice alternative with a pleasing dining area and a small terrace for drinks. Overall, a charming spot with flavorful offerings

Eldsto café: The only and best café in Hvollsvöllur

Eldsto Café is a hidden gem, its cozy and tastefully decorated space offering a delightful surprise. The Icelandic fish stew is a standout, impressing with its rich and flavorful taste.

The self-serve vegan soup, paired with unlimited fresh homemade bread, adds to the charm of this small but authentic Icelandic restaurant. Despite its unassuming exterior, Eldsto Café surprises with fresh, tasty, and well-balanced dishes.

A truly pleasant café, it may not catch your eye from the outside, but the friendly staff and reasonably priced, delicious food make it a fantastic spot for a meal.

Fast foods in Hvollsvöllur


Bjorkin Fast Food in Hvollsvollur offers a mix of experiences—uninspiring coffee, fast food, and a mini market, housed in a charming gas station with an attached restaurant. The fish and chips, featuring excellent cod, are a decent option at a good price.

Despite the American diner atmosphere with coffee served from a thermos, there’s a distinct charm to the place.

Gallery pizza

Gallery Pizza in Hvollsvollur is a pizza lover’s paradise, offering delightful and well-topped pizzas in various variations and three sizes. The service is satisfactory, and though the atmosphere is simple, it’s a place worth revisiting.

Situated almost in the middle of nowhere, this great little pizza spot is a standout, offering one of the best pizzas in the area. While slightly pricey, it’s well worth the drive from Hella.

Notably, Gallery Pizza provides an excellent menu for vegetarians with great vegan options. Please be aware that the restaurant is not wheelchair accessible.

Where to stay in Hvolsvöllur

If it’s your first time visiting Hvolsvöllur, I highly recommend choosing a hotel that’s located in the city centre to have nearby restaurants at walking distance. See this neighbourhood guide for detailed recommendations, or check out my top Hvolsvöllur accommodation picks below.

BOUTIQUE: Hotel Laekur


See more details & available dates

Newly designed in boutique style, it seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the rustic charm of a countryside farm stay.

Surrounded by sheep and horses, this is more than a hotel; it’s an immersive retreat that fulfills every seeker’s ideal getaway.

UP-SCALE: Hotel Rangá


Hotel Rangá epitomizes the Icelandic retreat you’ve been dreaming of. Nestled in a remote locale, it’s a haven for Northern Lights aficionados, shielded from light pollution.

The hotel’s contemporary boutique design seamlessly marries luxury with the rustic allure of a countryside farm.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscape, complete with sheep and horses, and relish the perfect blend of modern comfort and Icelandic authenticity that defines Hotel Rangá.

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MID-RANGE: Hotel Hvolsvöllur


Discover comfort at Hotel Hvollsvollur, nestled in the heart of the town. A charming and renovated retreat, it offers a delightful respite after a day of adventures. The rooms, though not luxurious, provide ample comfort and essentials. The kitchen, highly recommended, serves up delectable meals that are both tasty and satisfying—making it a perfect choice for a relaxing stay in Hvollsvollur.

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BUDGET: Hostel in Midgard


Midgard Hostel: where comfort meets adventure. Enjoy cozy beds, clean showers, and a hot tub with Northern Lights views. Designed for backpackers, it offers handmade bunk beds, free morning coffee, and more. Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure at Midgard Hostel

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CAMPING: Campsite in Hvolsvöllur

Discover peace at Hvollsvollur campsite: spacious, heated facilities, a kids’ playground, and a serene atmosphere. Though potentially busy during peak times, it provided a private experience with simple yet complete amenities. The only glitch: no online payment, and an early wake-up call due to its popularity. Overall, a beautiful spot for a peaceful stay.


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