Hrunalaug hot spring

Hrunalaug hot spring

Hrunalaug hot spring is a hidden gem, a remote haven where warmth meets wilderness, situated among the picturesque landscapes of South Iceland. Hrunalaug welcomes adventurous visitors to step off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the calming embrace of its natural thermal waters as one of the lesser-known geothermal marvels.

One of the best hot springs in Iceland. The water is about 37°. Beautiful surroundings, a place to change in relative privacy.

This natural hot spring, which is away from the busy people, promises a voyage into the unspoiled beauty of Iceland in addition to a peaceful soak. Discover the mysteries of Hrunalaug with us as we share information about its past, the surroundings, and why the site is a monument to the nation’s geothermal wonders.

You can find there three small pools, where can fit maybe 20 people, but better hope, you will never be there with so many other tourist. One small pool is suitable only for pair and it´s hidden just behind the cottage. The older pool have space maybe for 10 – 15 people and in 2017 owners built a new “modern pool” for similar amount of persons.

Where to find Hrunalaug and how to get there?

Located near the captivating region of Flúðir in South Iceland, Hrunalaug hot pot remains somewhat of a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

  1. Just before driving into Flúdir (from the south direction – from Selfoss or Hella) you take a right turn to the small village called Hruni.
  2. You will continue on a gravel and partly asphalt road, until you see a few houses with a church.
  3. Take right turn to the village and continue driving down, pass the village and shortly after this, there should be a sign to Hrunalaug, showing to turn right again.
  4. Drive minute or two and you´ll get to the parking.

Map to Hrunalaug natural pool

Is parking at Hrunalaug free?

Yes, the parking at Hrunalaug is free. It´s just a small gravel parking, for about 10-15 cars maximum with no facilities. Keep in mind, it´s not allowed to camp or sleep at this parking, eventhough many tourist try to do it every year.

Can you get there without car?

You can ride to Hrunalaug by bike, but it might be long and difficult way. Just use the same directions as we wrote for the car, the road is good enough for the bike as well.

Are there tours to the Hrunalaug?

No, this hot spring is very small and not suitable for groups. It is also on a private place and local owners doesn´t want this place to get very crowdy.

While the journey may require a bit of navigation, the reward of finding this hidden gem amidst nature’s wonders is well worth the effort.f the typical tourist routes.

Hike to Hrunalaug: How do I get to Hrunalaug hot springs?

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 3 – 15 mins

Hike to Hrunalaug

Getting to Hrunalaug is not difficult and you will get there in about 3 minutes. You will not see the hot tub and cottage from the parking, but you can see the signs and path, going to the this hot pot. Just walk to the path, hike one tiny hilly, get down to the small river, cross the bridge and after last small hill you will get to the small hut, which will be your changing room.

It is possible to get there even in the winter time, when it´s icy or there is a lot of snow. Just be prepared for this situation and take with you proper shoes and clothing.

What to bring and what to expect?

You don´t need much for a soak in Hrunalaug.

I usually take with me only water or some drinks (no glass in the lagoon), towel and swim suit.

Nowadays you must pay for the entrance to the owner, so bring cash neccessary for the number of people, who join you to this hike.

Changing rooms: Hrunalaug is not for shy people

Changing rooms in Hrunalaug

As there are no proper facilities at Hrunalaug hot spring (no real changing rooms) you must to use the small wooden hut, which just next to the pools. There is no light inside the hut, no heating and there is a small stream of water going through the cottage, so it is a bit tricky.

Hut for changing clothes in Hrunalaug
Hut for changing clothes in Hrunalaug

On the other hand, darkness inside the cottage is good, so you are  covered from the people, who might be in the small pool, which is just behind the hut. Don´t expect here any privacy, you can be lucky and meet nobody in the pools, but it might be also few groups of people and you will just need to share the space, with no possibility of having your stuff locked or protected.

Temperature: What is the temperature of the water in Hrunalaug?

Temperature in Hrunalaug

There is a perfect temperature at the Hrunalaug for everybody, who likes to soak for hours.

Temperature in Hrunalaug (in October 2023) was between 36 to 39° Celsius/ 97 – 102°F.

With this temperature, you can stay in the water for really long time without feeling too cold or too warm. And in case, you will feel overwhelmed by this temperature, you can always sit outside for a bit and cool down.

When is the best time to go to Hrunalaug?

Hrunalaug in winter

For me, the answer is simple – winter.

I can say I used to be a regular visitor of Hrunalaug hot spring. And I can tell you, I have always better memories from winter visits. Once, me and my friends were so lucky, that we had a this lagoon just for ourselves, stayed til the darkness and saw a northern lights. Just a peace, people you like and pure nature.

In the summer you don´t have to stress about getting to hot spring through the snow (not just on the walking path, but also with your car on the road), but you will be not the only one, who is visiting this charming place. Before few years, this hot spring used to be more secret and hidden from tourist, but now the times changed.

Owners accept that this place will be visited a lot, so there is a regular entrance fee and limited opening hours.

I would recommed getting there later in the day, for better atmosphere, but if you want to enjoy it with the least numbur of people and you travel to Iceland in season (summer months), go there around lunch time.

There is no best part of the year, when it is recommended to visit Hrunalaug. The place is so magical, that you will definitely enjoy it in any time of the year.

How to pay for Hrunalaug


Let´s talk about cost of Hrunalaug. As I already mentioned, you don´t pay for the parking at this geothermal bath, but you must pay admission/entrance fee.

The prices in Hrunalaug are 2000 ISK for adults and 1500 ISK for kids older 12 years.

You can pay when you arrive to the area, every day, there should be a person to who you can pay with card or cash.

Rules of Hrunalaug hot spring

  • Every visit has a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is done because the place is very small, and we would like to give as many people as possible the opportunity to visit the hot pot
  • Unfortunately, the hot spring is not accessible for wheelchair-users
  • It’s forbidden to bring drinks in glass bottles to the pool
  • Drone flights are prohibited
  • Until now, it has been possible to visit the pool during the day and night, but now measures have been taken and the pool is closed outside opening hours
  • It has happened during a very dry period that the pool has dried up. If this happens, information will be published on this website

History of Hrunalaug


Hrunalaug, a serene natural hot spring nestled in the Hrunamannahreppur region near the village of Flúðir, holds a rich history dating back to the 1890s when it was established on the Ás farm—a testament to enduring family ownership. This tranquil oasis, embraced by private ownership, has become a cherished destination for both tourists and locals seeking a retreat into its soothing waters.

Fueled by the earth’s geothermal activity, Hrunalaug’s naturally heated waters are not just a source of relaxation but are renowned for their mineral-rich composition, believed to offer therapeutic benefits for the skin and muscles. As you immerse yourself in the warm embrace of Hrunalaug, you not only partake in a geothermal wonder but also connect with a piece of Icelandic heritage held dear by generations.

Where to eat nearby


The village of Flúðir, being the closest settlement, might offer some dining choices, though it’s advisable to plan your meals in advance or bring along a packed meal or snacks. Flúðir is known for its scenic landscapes, and if you’re looking for a more extensive selection of restaurants, you may consider venturing to larger towns like Reykholt, Laugarvatn or Selfoss for a diverse culinary experience.

Remember to check the opening hours and availability of dining establishments, especially in more remote areas, as they may vary based on the season and day of the week.

Recommended restaurants near Hrunalaug hot spring:

Things to do near Hrunalaug hot spring


The Secret Lagoon, one of Iceland’s oldest geothermal pools, is a must-visit, offering a delightful soak in warm mineral-rich waters surrounded by stunning scenery. Venturing a bit further, you’ll encounter the awe-inspiring Gullfoss waterfall and the geothermal wonders of Geysir, where the Strokkur geyser regularly shoots hot water into the air.

For those seeking a historical touch, the Þjóðveldisbærinn Stöng reconstructed Viking-era farm provides a glimpse into Iceland’s past. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the scenic beauty of Háifoss, one of the island’s highest waterfalls, and the picturesque Þingvellir National Park.

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  2. Geysir
  3. Fáxi waterfall
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  5. Hike to Brúarfoss waterfall
  6. See waterfalls Háifoss, Hjálparfoss and magical valley Gjáin

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