Hrunalaug hot spring

Sólheimar, Flúðir, Iceland

It was the perfect stop after visiting Sigöldugljufur and Haifoss.
Even with a few groups there was plenty of room to join and continue to enjoy while groups left and came. I even made some friends from Norway and Spain. – Jake Garbelotti

Hrunalaug is excellent..we went in February last year, the feeling of sitting in 40C water whilst the snow was falling was unreal….not so much fun when it came time to get out and changed though! – Stuart Douglas

When we got to Hrunalaug there was a lady in a car collecting the donations. I can’t speak to any others as this was the only natural one we went to. It has a little “house” which is basically just some walls with dirt floor you can use for changing but can’t leave your clothes in there. If it looks rainy I would bring a bag for your clothes so they don’t get wet bc you basically leave them on the rocks. I loved Hrunalaug. Even better than blue lagoon. – Sharon C.

Published: January 10, 2022
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