Best natural hot springs in Iceland
Best natural hot springs in Iceland

Best natural hot springs in Iceland

One of my favorite things about Iceland is definitely bath in hot springs, so I’m glad to be able to write you some information on this topic today.

Nature in Iceland is so unique mainly because Iceland is sparsely populated and places are so often almost untouched by people.

However, this changed with the arrival of tourists, of which there were over 1.5 million in 2019, which is about 5 times more than the entire population of Iceland.

It was tourism that led to the fact that even hidden places, which include larger or smaller hot springs, became more visited.

Unfortunately, not all tourists know how to behave, so the locals would like that, which led to the most beautiful natural springs starting to close and the owners of the land on which the springs are, simply forbidding tourists to enter.

Blue lagoon

Basic information

  • distance from Reykjavík: 50 km (find on the map)
  • entrance fee: 44 EUR (approx. 50 USD)
  • main advantage: azure water with healing effects

Many of you have probably heard of the Blue Lagoon, which is known for its azure blue water.

It is also the nearest thermal baths from the airport, so you can go there even if you use Iceland only as a transfer station.

This large and beautiful blue lagoon is naturally heated to a mild 38 degrees Celsius all year round. It has excellent facilities and has been tastefully designed to make the most of its dramatic black lava field environment.

The contrast of milky turquoise waters, black volcanic rocks and flowing steam makes the whole experience quite magical.

The Blue Lagoon is really very popular and for some it may be almost a duty to dive into these blue hot springs.

However, the fame of the Blue Lagoon also makes it a place that can be almost crowded with tourists during the season. Many trips start or end with a visit to this place due to the mentioned distance from the airport.

Personally, I probably wouldn’t recommend the Blue Lagoon and for the money saved (ticket is probably the most expensive of all spas in Iceland) I would buy an entrance elsewhere, for example to the newly opened Sky Lagoon.

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Sky lagoon

Basic information

  • distance from Reykjavík: 5 km (find on the map)
  • entrance fee: approx. 70 USD
  • main advantages: beautiful view, several ways to relax, location right in Reykjavik

The newest thermal baths in Reykjavik have been newly opened (May 2021), if you visit Iceland in the near future, you will be one of the first tourists who can enjoy the beautiful view of Reykjavik directly on the ocean.

Although Sky Lagoon does not have as blue water as Blue Lagoon, their advantage is the whole design and bath ritual.

The swimming pool is located in hand-carved rocks that resemble some of the natural places in Iceland (similar to the Brúarhlöð canyon in the Golden Circle).

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The whole lagoon is as if hidden in a large canyon, which opens into the ocean, which is really only a few meters away. You will also find a small lake, very similar to Grettislaug, a small waterfall or a sauna with a huge view.


Basic information

  • distance from Reykjavík: cca 100 km (find on the map)
  • entrance fee: approx. 35 USD
  • main advantages: low price, several whirlpools with different water temperatures

Those of you heading north or heading to the Hraunfossar waterfall (also known as Barnafoss) can enjoy several hot spas not far from the village of Reykholt (near Borganes).

Because it is a smaller and lesser-known location, the entrance fee is cheaper and you will have a better chance of getting in touch with the locals.

Secret lagoon

Basic information

  • distance from Reykjavík: cca 100 km (find on the map)
  • entrance fee: approx. 25 USD
  • main advantages: low price, ideal for a trip around the Golden Ring

A smaller natural hidden hot spring Secret lagoon, which some of the locals do not know about, is located on the outskirts of the village Flúdir in southern Iceland.

The area has several hot springs in the area, including the beautiful and unpaid (unfortunately closed to the landowner) swimming pool Hrunnalaug.

I would therefore recommend the Secret Lagoon to all those who wanted to swim in Hrunnalaug, but did not have the opportunity.

Flúdir is also very close to the geyser and Gullfoss, so if you don’t know how to end your trip on the Golden Circle, you should definitely check it out.

Same as in Krauma, the entrance fee is cheaper than at Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon and is not so well known for tourists.

Laugarvatn Fontana

Basic information

  • distance from Reykjavík: cca 75 km (find on the map)
  • entrance fee: approx. 25 USD
  • main advantages: low price, ideal for a trip around the Golden Ring

In the area, almost in the middle of the Golden Circle, lies the town of Laugarvatn, where you will find a spa, or rather the Fontana swimming pool.

Fontana is located next to Lake Laugarvatn, which has beautiful views and where you can cool off right after enjoying the hot sauna at the swimming pool.

There are several separate swimming pools, in which there is plenty of space throughout the season. Personally, I would prefer the Secret Lagoon in the same area, but I must admit that Fontana also has its own atmosphere at night.

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Vok baths

Basic information

  • distance from Reykjavík: cca 630 km (find on the map)
  • entrance fee: approx. 50 USD
  • main advantages: nice view, baths with different temperatures

Travelers traveling all over Iceland can enjoy the newly built hot springs in the north-east of Iceland. This swimming pool is located about 6 km from the largest city in the east of Iceland, Egilsstaðir.

This smaller swimming pool is unique in that it is located directly on Lake Urriðavatn.

Vok baths offers about 3 pools of different sizes and different temperatures, so everyone can find their ideal temperature to relax.

Mývatn nature baths

Basic information

  • distance from Reykjavík: cca 470 km (find on the map)
  • entrance fee: approx. 50 USD
  • main advantages: the largest baths in the north, fewer tourists

The Mývatn area is for many tourists the most beautiful areas in the whole of Iceland and you can also enjoy swimming in the thermal baths there.

Mývatn nature baths is a quieter variant of the Blue Lagoon, it is not so popular with tourists and the pools are large enough for you to enjoy peace and privacy. Here you can also enjoy the hot springs sauna with beautiful views of the spa and the surrounding area.

GeoSea baths

Basic information

  • distance from Reykjavík: cca 460 km (find on the map)
  • entrance fee: approx. 35 USD
  • main advantages: one of the lowest prices

The third hot springs where you can relax on your way through the north of Iceland are Geosea baths. It is located directly by the ocean in Husavík, so if you sleep here, you should definitely not miss them.

As in the Sky Lagoon, you can enjoy views of the icy North Ocean while swimming in Iceland and meet other tourists or meet locals.

Rules for swimming in Iceland:

Access to hot springs

If you arrive by car, park it in the marked parking lot and do not park outside, for example on the moss we are trying to protect in Iceland. Try to walk on the marked trails anyway and do not step on unnecessary places where you do not have.

Respects no entry

If entry to hot springs is prohibited, respect it. You will surely say that there are only a few of you and nothing will happen if you slip there. How many of the millions of tourists who arrive in Iceland will probably say the same thing and how will it turn out?

Take what you bring

A basic simple rule that can actually apply everywhere in Iceland. Always take all your rubbish with you and do not leave anything that was not there (except perhaps the voluntary entrance fee). The place should look the same before and after your arrival.

No glass

A rule that may not occur to you, however, makes sense. Nobody wants to step on the shards that will stay there if the bottle is accidentally broken. If you already want to bring alcohol, bring cans or plastic bottles.

Respect others

Just because you came to the hotpot first doesn’t mean it belongs to you. If possible, try to make room for others and do not restrict them in any way (noise, smoking, etc.)


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