TOP 10 things to do in Seydisfjordur
TOP 10 things to do in Seydisfjordur

TOP 10 things to do in Seydisfjordur

Find what to do in Seyðisfjörður – accommondations like hostel, guesthouse and camping. So you can visit museum or swimming pool and shop in grocery store.

About Seyðisfjörður 

Many people have been fascinated by Seydisfjordur’s beautiful settlement. We were no different. The primary feature is a colorful promenade with a wooden chapel, which is located beside the same-named fjord. The city has a population of barely 700 people, however it is surrounded by lovely mountains with waterfalls. A ferry service to the Faroe Islands is also available.

Every week, a single car ferry called ‘Norröna’ (isl. ‘Norræna’) leaves the port from Seyðisfjörður to Torshavn in the Faroe Islands, Bergen in Norway, Hanstholm in Denmark and Scrabster in Scotland. Seyðisfjörður is located 27 km east of the nearest town of Egilsstaðir, which also has the Hringvegur ring road.

With the recent disappearance of local fishing factories, the village now focuses mainly on tourism, but remains the most important port on Iceland’s east coast. The town is famous for its old wooden houses. Seyðisfjörður also has its own House of Culture and many museums.

The settlement on the current Seyðisfjörður was founded in 1848 by a Norwegian fisherman. The inhabitants also built wooden buildings in the village. The city was used as a base for the US-British armed forces during World War II. In 1995 a weather station was built here.

Best restaurants in Seydisfjordur

A complete list of cafés, restaurants, and buffets. Find out where to stop to eat during your road trip along Seydisfjordur.

  1. Skaftfell Bistro

  2. Nordic Restaurant

  3. Cafe Lára / El Grillo Bar

Best hotels in Seydisfjordur

A complete list of hotels, guesthouses, and cottages in Seydisfjordur. Find out where to stay during your road trip along north Iceland.

  1. Við Lónið Guesthouse

  2. Hótel Aldan

  3. Hótel Snæfell

  4. Lónsleira Apartments

Best things to do in Seydisfjordur


A complete list of waterfalls, tours, and other attractions. Find out what to do during your road trip along Seydisfjordur.

  1. Gufu waterfall

  2. Hengifoss waterfall

  3. Fjarðará

  4. Visit Seydisfjordur´s church

  5. Rjúkandi Waterfall

  6. Litlanesfoss waterfall

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