Gullfoss waterfall

Gullfoss Falls, Iceland

Gullfoss waterfall

Gullfoss Falls, Iceland

Gullfoss is a magnificent waterfall that is part of the Golden Circle. It is one of Iceland’s most well-known and frequented waterfalls. Aside from the crowds of tourists, visitors should be prepared for a shower of reflected water, which the roaring waterfall enjoys showering on them.

Gulffoss is a cascading waterfall, where the first section consists of an 11-meter waterfall and the second section a 22-meter waterfall. It then flows into the Ölfusá River, which winds through a 2.5-kilometer-long canyon and eventually empties into the sea.

Its name sounds like “Golden Waterfall” and is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. It lies in the canyon of the river Hvítá and its largest part measures a respectable 21 meters. Due to its location, it belongs to the TOP attractions of Iceland and lies in the so-called Golden Circle, ie the Golden Circle of attractions within reach of the capital.

The canyon is 2.5 km long, only 20 meters wide and, when viewed from a distance, gives the impression that the river disappears into the ground. A rainbow often appears in the steam above the waterfall on sunny days. It is part of the Golden Circle and is considered one of the three biggest tourist attractions in Iceland.

Well tell me, wasn’t it worth it? You just stand up there, watching, listening to the roar of the water, and you don’t really understand how it’s even possible that nature was able to create something like that.

The waterfall has two parts – the first cascading and the second, when the water is lost and flows into the valley. The waterfall can be reached on foot along almost at your fingertips, just get ready to return a little wet

You will find on the sign at the waterfall that it is more beautiful than Niagara Falls in America. Well, you have to decide for yourself?

Reviews and experiences

Anna K.

I have to say that this waterfall has probably impressed me the most. Maybe it was the snow and ice all around, who knows :), but I took about 50 photos just from this place and still couldn’t get enough! Simply an amazing place for me…


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