Hvolsvollur, South Iceland


Hvolsvollur, South Iceland

hvolsvollur-icelandHvolsvöllur is a small town in the south of Iceland about 106 km to the east of Reykjavík. Hvolsvöllur, situated in the municipality of Rangárþing eystra, is an excellent location from which to base for exploration of South Iceland. Its central location makes it ideal for day trips in the region and then back for a good night’s sleep in one of the area’s many types of accommodation.

Best restaurants in Hvolsvollur

A complete list of cafés, restaurants, and buffets. Find out where to stop to eat during your road trip along Hvolsvollur.

Katla restaurant – best choice in Hvolsvollur

Katla Restaurant started on June 9, 2017. The interior is very new, the design is modern, and the dining area is very spacious.

Best hotels in Hvolsvollur

A complete list of hotels, guesthouses, and cottages in Hvolsvollur. Find out where to stay during your road trip along Hvolsvollur.

Midgard basecamp – best accommondation in Hvolsvollur

A trendy accommodation in Hvolsvollur, South Iceland with a friendly, positive atmosphere. Restaurant, café and bar on-site. Rooftop sauna and hot tub.

Hotel Rangá – best accommondation in Hvolsvollur

Hotel Ranga is the only 4 star resort in South Iceland. Hotel Ranga, South Iceland, offers serenity, luxury, and relaxation all year around.

Best things to do in Hvolsvollur

A complete list of waterfalls, tours, and other attractions. Find out what to do during your road trip along Hvolsvollur.

Horse riding in Hvolsvollur

Tours in Hvolsvollur

Waterfalls near Hvolsvollur

Gluggafoss/Merkjafoss waterfall>>


Gluggafoss is a waterfall in southern Iceland, specifically in the Fljótshlíð area. As the most prominent member of a series of waterfalls running from the river Merkjá, it is also known as Merkjárfoss; both names are acknowledged on an on-site signpost. The waterfall is accessible off Route 261, some 17.3 km from the closest major town, Hvolsvöllur (which in turn is 106 km east of Reykjavík).

Urridafoss waterfall >>


Urridafoss Waterfall is one of the lesser-known waterfalls in southern Iceland, although it is very easy to reach and is just a 2-minute drive from the main road.

If you are a fan of waterfalls, then you should definitely not miss a visit to this waterfall, which is located between Selfoss and Hella.

Aegissidufoss >>

Ægisíðufoss Waterfall is waterfall near towns Hvolsvollur and Hella in southern Iceland.


Árbæjarfoss >>

Arbaejarfoss Waterfall (also know as Arbajarfoss) is “secret” waterfall near town Hella in southern Iceland.

Swimming pool and gym in Hvolsvollur

  • Sundlaugin Hvolsvollur

Shopping in Hvolsvollur

A complete list of grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations and supermarkets in Hvolsvollur. Find out where to shop during your road trip along Hvolsvollur.


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