Fuel (diesel, petrol, gas) prices in Iceland
Fuel (diesel, petrol, gas) prices in Iceland

Fuel (diesel, petrol, gas) prices in Iceland

Fuel costs in Iceland can be a significant item in your budget if you go on holiday in Iceland.

Another reason you should pay attention to gasoline (or diesel) prices is that the consumption of vehicles in Iceland can be higher already due to frequent winds or because you often have to borrow 4×4 cars that have only slightly higher consumption than the smaller passenger cars we are used to.

In 2022, gas prices range between 2,3– 2,5 USD per liter for (petrol), slightly less for diesel

There are several companies operating petrol stations in Iceland. Of course, some of them are cheaper, so by choosing the right company you can save on gasoline.

The problem with Iceland is that the further you are from the capital, the less populated the area and the less choice of services, including gas stations, you will find.

N1Orkan and Olís are some of the biggest companies that can fuel petrol or diesel. Recently Costco came to Iceland to offer the cheapest gasoline.

Costco, however, has branches around Reykjavik, so if you travel around Iceland, for example, you will eventually have to refuel at more expensive companies.

Refueling in Iceland

There are a number of self-service petrol stations in Iceland, open 24 hours a day.

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In Iceland, there is the name Sjálfsafgreiðsla for such gas stations, so if you see such a stand, your credit card will suffice and you can refuel whenever you want.

Primarily these devices are in Icelandic, but you can also switch the language to English so that the information will guide you.

It usually works by selecting a stand, inserting a card, pulling out a card, typing a PIN, and selecting the amount you want to refuel.

Within a few seconds the pump is activated and you can refuel.

Refueling full tank

At filling stations, there is also the possibility of refueling. This means that you do not collect the amount, but let the pump fill your tank.

In such cases, it may happen that the company operating the pump will charge you a higher amount than you actually spent. But don’t worry, it’s a standard approach and your unused amount will be refunded to your account.

This may take several days (even weeks), so if you drive lowcost and need every crown, I recommend refueling only for a certain amount.

Refueling at checkout

If you prefer refueling and payment at the cashier, then the situation is very similar. However, at some petrol stations you need to go to the cash register first and ask the worker to “unlock” the pump you are standing at.

Just come to him and ask him to unlock the pump with the number you stand with. Then you return to the car, refuel and only then go to the cash register.

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