2nd January 2020

Best things to do in Westman Islands


Find things to do in Westman islands – accommondations like hostel, guesthouse and camping. So you can visit museum or swimming pool and shop in grocery store.

About Westman Islands

Vestmannaeyjar (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈvɛstmanːaˌeiːjar], sometimes anglicized as Westman Islands) is a municipality and archipelago off the south coast of Iceland.

The largest island, Heimaey, has a population of 4,135, most of whom live in the archipelago’s main town, Vestmannaeyjabær. The other islands are uninhabited, although six have single hunting cabins. Vestmannaeyjar came to international attention in 1973 with the eruption of Eldfell volcano, which destroyed many buildings and forced a months-long evacuation of the entire population to mainland Iceland. Approximately one fifth of the town was destroyed before the lava flow was halted by application of 6.8 billion litres of cold sea water.

Best restaurants in Westman islands

A complete list of cafés, restaurants, and buffets. Find out where to stop to eat during your road trip along island Heimaey.

  1. Gott restaurant

    GOTT is a healthy, creative family owned restaurant in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland with fresh, authentic ingredients. All sauces, broth, soups, bread and cakes are made from scratch at the restaurant. The fish is brought fresh from the fish marked every morning.

  2. Restaurant Slippurin

  3. Einsi kaldi restaurant

Best hotels in Westman islands

A complete list of hotels, guesthouses, and cottages in Vestmannaeyjar . Find out where to stay during your road trip along Hella.

Hotel Vestmannaeyjar

Best things to do in Hella

A complete list of waterfalls, tours, and other attractions. Find out what to do during your road trip along Hella.

Observe puffins

Keldfell mountain
Eldheimar Museum
Sæheimar Aquarium
Gaujulundur Garden
Heimaey Stave Church
See the Elephant rock
Visit national festival Þjóðhátíð
Boat tours around islands
Golf course
Visit the swimming pool

Shopping in Westman islands

A complete list of grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations and supermarkets in Heimaey. Find out where to shop during your road trip along Westman islands.


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  1. Allison

    7th January 2020

    Loved the westman islands! Do the hike behind the gas station, it’s incredible!


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