Arbaejarfoss waterfall

VM75+94P, Árbær, Iceland

Arbaejarfoss waterfall near Hella, South Iceland.

Description of waterfall Arbaejarfoss

Arbaejarfoss Waterfall (also know as Arbajarfoss) is “secret” waterfall near town Hella in southern Iceland.

The waterfall is named after a nearby farm and church, Árbær.

How to get to Arbaejarfoss ?

The waterfall is located near mainroad 1. From Hvolsvöllur (towards Reykjavik) you have to go to road 271 at Hella, just after the river. From there you have to follow the road for 4 kilometers. From the road it is 200 meter walk over a trail/road towards the river.

There is also second, but much more complicated way through road 264. This way, you will get to the Arbaejarfoss waterfall from the second side.

Is it a paid attraction?

Parking and sightseeing Arbaejarfoss are not paid, so you can visit it for free.


There is no big parking lot at the Arbaejarfoss waterfall, but almost nobody knows about this waterfall, so there is 99 % chance, that you will be there alone, so you can always find some spot, where to park.


Robert Roszkowski

Beautiful place for someone who like to walk.
Published: July 29, 2022
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