Laugavellir waterfall and hot spring

Laugavellir waterfall and hot spring

263H+QF3, Iceland

Laugarvellir Waterfall and hot natural hot spring (sometimes called Laugavallalaug) is one of the hidden gems of East Iceland. The country has an incredible number of hot springs, but Laugarvellir is among the most famous and is the only hot waterfall.

The ideal natural hot pot to see in Iceland and a terrific way to unwind after spending a long time in a car. The water temperature is usually between 39 and 41 degrees Celsius, but verify before diving in.

laugarvellir waterfall

Totally lost between Askja and Egilsstaðir, in the middle of the highlands, Laugarvellir hot pot is a real oasis in the middle of the desert and a little corner of paradise!

Hot waterfall in the Laugarvellir valley – probably the most interesting evening swimming in Iceland very far from civilization, 3 km from the road 910.

How to get to Laugarvellir

Laugarvellir hot spring is located 100 km from the town of Egilsstaðir in east central Iceland. From Egilsstaðir you have to follow the west of Lake Lögurinn via the 931 to reach Laugarvellir.

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The road then climbs up to the 910 towards central Iceland and Mount Snæfell and the famous Kárahnjúkar Dam. You have to follow the road to the huge artificial lake of Hálslón and pass the dam. At the very end of the Hálslón dam, road 910 turns into track F910 and is no longer paved.

It is then important to properly count 7.5 kilometers before arriving at an intersection where a left turn is required.

On the map, the crossing is denoted by a cross. It is easily identified because there is a “Hafrahvammgljfur” heading to the east. As a result, it is not essential to travel this route, but rather the opposite one, towards the west, and from there it is only 2 kilometers to the source.

The path ascends a minor hill before dropping to a river where parking is available. For a long time, it was possible to cross the river by car (a 30 cm ford), but this is now prohibited, and a bridge allows you to cross on foot.

A vehicle lot and a tiny wooden bridge lead to a 600-meter-long walkway that leads to the waterfall. We then ascend over it.

laugavallalaug hot spring

Even in the height of summer, Laugarvellir is rarely crowded, and the parking lot is frequently empty. The place is still rather isolated and off the beaten path.

laugarvellir hot natural waterfall

During the winter, the location is mostly accessible up to the dam, before the 910 becomes the F910. Visitors who want to reach Laugarvellir will consequently have to leave their vehicle and walk the final kilometers.

The first thing you see is a river, but it’s a frigid one. The waterfall beside it has a little flow, but it’s still enough to allow you to tumble down!

The other two pools are similarly large enough to accommodate a group of people, and their temperatures range from 32 to 38°C.

It is critical to monitor the temperature of the water behind the waterfall because it is frequently very hot, just above 40°C. The waterfall cascades into a basin with huge stones covering an area of roughly 20 m2 and a depth of 50 cm.

View on the Laugavellir waterfall

Two further pools are accessible below this with a somewhat cooler temperature because they are chilled by the chilly river that runs nearby! After warming up in Laugarvellir’s hot springs, some adventurous travelers dive in.

Published: August 11, 2022
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