Kerid Crater

24R7+GW9, Klausturholar, Iceland

On the way from Selfoss to the geysers in the Golden Circle, there is a short stop at the water-filled Kerið Crater.

The crater was formed during a volcanic explosion about 6,500 years ago, is 270 meters long, 170 meters wide and up to 55 meters deep.

The water depth in the crater reaches a depth of 7 to 14 meters. You can follow the trail around and to the bottom of the crater.

You may walk around the outside of this stunning conical crater. Its walls sparkle in various colors, and the lake at the bottom was even frozen during our visit, giving us a unique perspective.

It’s the only spot in Iceland where we paid the admission price – ISK 400 per person – which isn’t outrageous, and you can pay with a credit card.

Published: January 10, 2022
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