Vestrahorn mountain

781, Iceland

The small Vestrahorn mountain range on the southwest coast is one of the most photographed places in Iceland. The dramatic and precisely defined mountain range in the orphaned landscape creates a mysterious and enchanting panorama.

The highest mountain is the 847 meter high Klifatindur. Due to the close proximity to the sea, the mountains are very steep and official trails do not lead to them. However, you can go to the heights along well-trodden paths that offer spectacular views of the black-gray slopes and the ocean.

Viking village

Viking village Vestrahorn

Between Stokksnes beach and the Vestrahorn mountains, there is an abandoned historic Viking village, but in reality it has nothing to do with history at all.

It was built in 2010 as a backdrop for a forthcoming film, which was ultimately not completed. However, a replica of the village has remained abandoned on the site to this day and you can visit it during your trip to Stokksnes.

How to get here?

Vestahorn and Stokksnes beach are very easily accessible by car. It lies directly on the main ring road number 1 above the Almannaskard tunnel.

The nearest town is Höfn, 18 km away, the road to Reykjavík is 466 km long (route map).

You can drive directly to Stokksnes beach on a well-maintained road, the turnoff from the main road is on the right in the direction of Reykjavík about 250 meters before the Almannaskard tunnel and is marked with a signpost.

Accommodations and camping

The area around the Vestrahorn mountains can be an ideal overnight stop during a tour around Iceland. You can stay right on the beach under the hill in the small guesthouse Vikingcafe connected to the cafe, but the prices are high and start at about 30 000 ISK per night.

Up to half the price and a significantly larger selection of accommodation can be found in the nearby town of Höfn.

Stokksnes black beach


The most beautiful views of the entire Vestrahorn mountain range can be seen from the nearby Stokksnes beach. It is already interesting in itself with deep black colored sand with huge tufts of grass, from which you can take great photos.

Published: February 19, 2023
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