Þjófafoss waterfall


Þjófafoss is a waterfall in Iceland’s jórsá River, the country’s longest river. With a length of 230 kilometers, this river goes from the Icelandic highlands to the country’s south shore.
Of the winter, the flow rate in Thjofafoss is fairly low, but in the summer, it is much higher. This is owing to the river’s power plants. The falls discharge a large portion of the water.

The water is fed first through the Sultartangi Power Plant, then to the Bjarnarlón Reservoir and through the Búrfell Power Plant. If the Sultartangalón reservoir is then full in late summer, the excess water will flow over the Þjófafoss.

Thjofafoss is easily accessible from both sides of the river (north and south).
For those interested in photography, the south side, with Mount Búrfell as a backdrop, is more spectacular than the north side’s flat background.
However, you should only visit the waterfall when the electricity business is not using the water.

Published: September 4, 2023
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