The Greenhouse hotel Hveragerdi

The Greenhouse hotel Hveragerdi

Austurmörk 6, 810 Hveragerði, Iceland

The hotel is located in Hveragerdi, a tiny village about 30 kilometers from Reykjavik’s city, and is ideal for planning your vacation to the Golden Circle and the South Coast without having to change hotels.

The hotel is suitable for both Icelanders and visitors from other countries. The atmosphere is only 30 minutes away for residents of the city, while foreign visitors are only a short walk from Keflavík Airport, making it ideal for them to travel about the country.


The Greenhouse is a three-story building on the corner of Breiðumarkur and Austurmarkar, opposite Hótel Örk. Construction began in early 2020 and the building was inaugurated on Thursday. The architect is Kári Eiríksson.

There will be lots of free parking places available when you arrive. The check-in process is smooth, and you have two options:

use an app called AeroGuest to self-check in

check in at the front desk

It takes roughly 2 minutes to complete the process. The key is nothing more than a code that allows you to open the door. It’s quite useful.

The service is excellent, the accommodation is lovely, and the bar/restaurant area is terrific – plenty of seats, plants everywhere, and an indoor food truck serving some of Iceland’s best cuisine.

Colourfull design

Hveragerdi is regarded as a hot spring town, as well as a flower and green town. This hotel provides just that—a taste of green, a market, and a pretty nice location. A local ice cream shop is located near the lobby and sells a variety of local goods.

Comfortable and spacy accommodation

The Greenhouse has a total of 49 rooms. They are on the second and third levels of the structure, although guests will be able to rest in the steam rooms and hot tubs on the north side of the third floor.

A balcony overlooking Kamban and the south, as well as a glass pavilion that lets light into the dining area, can be found on the south side.

A flat TV with plenty of US and UK channels, as well as a plethora of hooks strategically placed throughout the room to hang your clothes.

There are numerous power outlets near the bed and throughout the room.

These simple elements come together to make a fantastic stay.

In the room, you’ll also find free passes to the local pool and a map of the area.

If my memory serves me well, the rooms are roughly 18 square meters in size.

It doesn’t feel cramped or small, and there’s plenty of room to move around with bags.

In the room, there’s a Nespresso machine with coffee pods provided, as well as a mini fridge stocked with Icelandic Glacier water.

No breakfast but plenty of food choices in local foodhall

But to make this place even perfect, the hotel also has merged with a food hall just connected to the main building, where you can find plenty of food options, and a lot of cozy places to enjoy with friends or just on your own.

Even the food hall is very well done and amazingly designed with beautiful decor, something that other food halls around Reykjavik city are lack off.

Published: May 16, 2022
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