Extra24 store

2C2X+GJ6, 230 Keflavík, Iceland

Opening hours in Extra24, Keflavík:

Monday: open 24 hours
Tuesday: open 24 hours
Wednesday: open 24 hours
Thursday: open 24 hours
Friday: open 24 hours
Saturday: open 24 hours
Sunday: open 24 hours

Extra24 in Keflavik, located just a 4-minute walk from Hotel Keflavik, emerges as a fantastic resource for travelers, providing essential supplies at any time of the day due to its 24/7 operation. Beyond convenience, it serves as an excellent spot to purchase Icelandic favorites, including the renowned skyr—a unique Icelandic yogurt available in both plain and flavored varieties—and Eitt Sett, a combined chocolate and licorice bar.

Extra 24 hours store Keflavík

The staff at Extra24 is highly praised for their super-friendly demeanor, contributing to a positive shopping experience. The store itself maintains a clean environment, and customers have the flexibility to pay with both cash and card.

The location’s strategic proximity to the airport and car rental services adds to its appeal, as highlighted by a thankful visitor who arrived at 4:30 AM and appreciated the opportunity to gather all necessary supplies for the week, avoiding the wait for other stores to open. With great prices and a customer-friendly approach, Extra24 stands out as a go-to destination for those in need of convenient and round-the-clock shopping in Keflavik.

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Published: December 8, 2023
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