Urridafoss waterfall

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Urriðafoss, Urriðafossvegur, Island
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Urridafoss Waterfall is one of the lesser-known waterfalls in southern Iceland, although it is very easy to reach and is just a 2-minute drive from the main road. If you are a fan of waterfalls, then you should definitely not miss a visit to this waterfall, which is located between Selfoss and Hella. The name of the waterfall is based on local fish, trout, which are abundant on the Thjorsa River. Urrida is an Icelandic term for “trout”.


Due to its location, Gullfoss in Golden circle and Skogafoss are not the most popular places to visit, for example, as well as Seljalandssfoss.

How to get to Urridafoss?


The Urridafoss waterfall is very easy to reach. If you are coming from Selfoss, then you will see a turning right in front of the bridge across the Thjorsa River. The turn is about a kilometer or two behind the intersection on road 30 towards Flúdir.

If you go from Golden Circle, from Flúdir, then use the same route. Once you get off Highway 30 on Highway 1, you will continue for about a minute to see the waterfall sign.

If you come to the waterfall from the east, from Hella, then you will find a sign and turn to the waterfall almost immediately after you cross the bridge over the Thjorsa River.

After turning off the main road you will reach the rocky path, which will continue for about 1 km. When you get down the hill, turn left towards the river to get to the parking lot and there are only a few steps to see the waterfall.

Is it a paid attraction?

Parking and sightseeing Urridafoss are not paid, so you can visit it for free.


Parking at the Urridafoss waterfall is for about 10 – 15 cars, but there is usually never enough space, so there is always a free space in the car park where you can stop your car.


Daniel Briem

Cool little waterfall literally right off highway 1. One of the most powerful waterfalls and it is overlooked by many.


Amazing place to take a lunch! Went in the middle of winter, and our little Suzuki Swift (with snow tyres) had no trouble getting to it… The sound and views are astonishing

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  1. Beautiful. This was one of my favorite stops. It was devoid of anyone and we lingered a while. Very open and peaceful. We actually drove right past it and turned around to go back.

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